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5 Innovative Ways of Using a Shipping Container

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When you think about a shipping container, a modern house or a coffee cart are not the first uses to come to mind! Shipping containers are no longer solely used for their intended purpose of storing and shipping goods, but rather some out-of-the-box thinkers have taken these corrugated steel boxes and created new and innovative ways to use them.

Innovative ways of using shipping container

Modern society calls for enlightened and exciting approaches towards old ideas and objects and a shipping container’s structure and durability offers endless possibilities. 

1.     Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers are being turned into amazing luxury homes that could challenge any studio apartment. The evidence is just a google search away; as are the results.  Beautiful and unique homes are being made from durable and relatively inexpensive container structures. These shipping container homes range from add on guest rooms to three bedroom houses, and even student housing. Keetwonwen is one such shipping container city in Amsterdam that has been constructed which now acts as the second most popular student housing in this busy city.

2.     Coffee Shop

A shipping container can also be converted into a functional, portable coffee cart that can be driven to any location or food market. It can also act a standing coffee shop such as the trendy Chaiwella & co container café. The Malaysian café owners used two containers and refurbished then to create the famous, vintage styled café.

3.     Shipping Container Mall

Malls constructed almost entirely from shipping containers are becoming increasingly more popular. The ReStart mall created after the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch is a vibrant and growing shipping container mall consisting of premium fashion retailers and food caravans. Similarly the concept of a shipping container mall can be found all over the world, like the Boxpark mall in London and Amsterdam, as well as the SuperPier Shopping Container Complex currently under development in New York City.

4.     Sauna Box

Castor Design has created a self-sufficient, outdoor sauna, made within shipping containers. It is a luxury wood burning sauna that can be installed in any backyard for private self-pampering and can be easily relocated. They are built into 8ft mini containers and the use of durable materials empowers them to withstand adverse weather conditions. Each unit is unique and custom built to suit each buyer.

5.     Swimming Pool

The size, length and depth of a shipping container is perfect to create a sleek and modern backyard swimming pool. Containers can be easily waterproofed and fitted to give you the ideal above-ground swimming pool that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Each pool can be styled and designed in a way that is unique to the customer’s needs, whether that be the addition of wooden steps surrounding the container or submarine windows along the length.

The durability and adaptability of a shipping container means that the possible uses are endless, and as long as there are innovative thinkers, there will always be innovative ways to use these corrugated steel boxes.

Please contact us to discuss modifying a shipping container to suit your own needs.    
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