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Friends of the Pacific Foundation - SEA Containers Charity Support

Thursday, July 16, 2015

SEA Containers NZ are proud to help support the team at Friends of the Pacific Foundation with the supply of good quality shipping containers and logistical assistance for the past two years now.

They are now partnering with Take My Hands Trust and are together sourcing medical equipment nationwide in New Zealand which they then transport to those in need in the Pacific utilising our containers, where the equipment is distributed amongst clinics and hospitals such as the Viseisei Clinic, north-west of Lautoka, Fiji.

Deepak, Janette and Bobby do a great job, and we encourage all of our customers and friends to check out the great work they are all doing via their associated websites or speak to the SEA Containers team and we can put you in touch with Janette if you wish to offer your own support.

We will continue to support Friends of the Pacific and Take My Hands where we can.


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