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Why you should buy Shipping Containers

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whatever the reason you are considering purchasing a shipping container, whether it be for personal or business purposes, it is a cost-effective method to install a secure, mobile unit on a construction site, at your business place, in your yard or for any other purpose for that matter. Let’s explore the reasons why you should buy shipping containers.

  • Depending on your location, purchasing a new shipping container is a breeze, especially with a reputable company like SEA Containers NZ who have branches nationwide.
  • If you don’t want to spend exorbitant costs or your business is on a tight budget, you can buy used shipping containers and can achieve huge savings. While the quality is not the same of a new container, it can be utilised for storage and transport purposes.
  • Be aware that not all shipping containers are constructed of the same material. Opt for those made from corten steel. These will last longer and can endure catastrophic weather conditions. Bear in mind that shipping containers are designed to transport cargo across the oceans while being exposed to the corrosive salt air.
  • Purchase containers that have been graded to ensure that you obtain a unit that is secure, and suited to your requirements, especially if needed for long term use.
  • There are millions of unused shipping containers stacked in ports and shipping yards around the world that are now being put to good use. You can contribute in a small but notable way by buying these recycled containers and creating eco-friendly alternatives for these modified containers.
  • There is an increasing trend to use shipping containers as mobile farming. Many cities are becoming over populated, and access to land is becoming more difficult. Making it more attainable for city dwellers to get wholesome, fresh foods. Weather conditions do not affect the harvesting of fresh produce.
  • If you purchase a container instead of leasing one, it does not mean money down the drain. Companies are always on the lookout for good quality containers for storage and transport purposes. They are durable and robust and designed to withstand a tough life carrying cargo for over 20 years. Hence, if you no longer require the containers, you are assured that they have good trade value over time.
  • Investing in shipping containers gives you peace of mind when constructing a home, or a site office, small studio, etc., especially in areas like Christchurch, Wellington that is prone to earthquakes, or other coastal parts of New Zealand, as container buildings offer immense durability and sustainability. Your Intermodal Steel Building Unit or ISBU unit is sure to impress your insurance provider, due to its excellent safety and fire ranking. Therefore, don’t neglect to inform your insurance provider that it is an ISBU or Intermodal Steel Building Unit.

There are many advantages to purchasing a container due its adaptability and functionality.

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