Shipping Container Gel Desiccant Bag

Container Gel Desiccant Bag – 3 Desiccant Bags for the price of 2. (Each Package contains 3 Desiccant Bags)

Normally priced at  $34 + GST each Desiccant  Bag (3 for the price of 2)

Designed to reduce moisture in shipping containers, these Container Desiccants do no obstruct loading space as they fit into the side wall gusset.

These powerful packs absorb 360% of their weight in moisture. The water absorbed forms a gel that is retained inside the bag, thus avoiding the typical leakage of  some traditional desiccants.

Commonly used in shipping containers, storage facilities, garages, motor homes and boats, and garden sheds.

Cost effective and easy to use, remove and dispose.

Environmentally friendly, it does not incorporate toxic materials and can be disposed as regular waste.

Active ingredient:      >50% Calcium Chloride

Duration of use:          Between 55 – 60 Days


$78.20 ($68.00 excl. gst )

Out of stock

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