Side Opening Shipping Containers

If you need a side opening shipping container, choose SEA Containers. We offer side opening containers in New Zealand in a range of sizes. These units are built to the same standards as regular containers, so they can be used for similar purposes.


Side Opening Shipping Containers for Sale

Our side opening containers are particularly useful for heavy or unusually shaped cargo. Thanks to their side access, they make for much easier loading and offloading. Each of our side containers comes with a complete roof to protect your goods from the elements. We have shipping containers for sale and hire at depots across the country, meaning that the right container for your needs is never far away. 

Those looking to save a little money can opt to purchase one of our used side shipping containers. While second-hand shipping containers may have a few blemishes, they remain suitable for almost any goods storage or transport purpose.

For customers who don’t want such a permanent commitment, we also offer side opening shipping containers for hire and lease. We aim to offer flexible rental agreements, so you can hire a container for the time period that suits you. You can even rent a container in one city and have it picked up in another.

Our 20ft side opening containers are useful for a wide range of purposes. These include storage and transport of machinery or cargo. 20ft shipping containers can also be converted into rooms, offices, playrooms, or small gyms to be kept in a back garden.

For customers needing to transport or store larger objects or machinery, our 40ft side opening containers are ideal. When suitably modified, 40ft shipping containers can also be used to house shops or cafés – their extra size makes them perfect for this purpose.

Prices for our side opening containers vary by their condition as well as the transport requirements of their purchaser. If you’re interested in hiring or purchasing a side opening container, get in touch with our team for further assistance.

Our side opening containers can be delivered throughout New Zealand. Thanks to our extensive nationwide transport network, any address is accessible to us. For any enquiries about our containers, please contact our friendly team anytime. We’ll help you determine the best side opening container to match your needs.

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