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Insulated Shipping Containers

SEA Containers NZ provides a wide range of shipping containers for sale or hire throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Insulated containers are ideal for transporting sensitive goods such as food and beverages. The foam-filled walls keep the stored materials at a consistent ambient temperature and reduce heat exposure

We offer competitive insulated container prices, and all our units are weather-resistant, vermin-proof, secure and durable.

Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale

We provide refrigerated containers for various purposes — from product transportation to home workshop conversion projects. We offer different insulated shipping container sizes, grades and conditions to suit your needs and budget. Furthermore, when you buy an insulated container from us, we guarantee that the unit is wind resistant and waterproof.

Insulating a shipping container in New Zealand can be achieved through several techniques, like adding insulation and ply-lining, using custom insulation kits, or applying spray foam. Given the varied weather conditions in New Zealand, it's pivotal to evaluate the local climate before selecting an insulation method. Such forethought ensures that your container remains both comfortable and energy-efficient.

SEA Containers NZ stocks a range of used non-operating refrigerated containers for sale. Our reefer containers offer all the benefits of a standard dry container, while the heavy-duty insulation retains the hot and cold air temperature with reduced condensation. Learn more about our used shipping containers here.

Our 20ft insulated shipping containers are ideal for all your insulated container requirements – including your small to medium container needs.

Our 40ft insulated shipping containers meet your larger container needs, from goods transport to long-term storage.

SEA Containers NZ specialises in sourcing the ideal shipping containers to suit your personal or business needs. Our containers for hire are available on short or long-term leasing plans. These leasing plans are available throughout our strategically placed network of depots. We can even arrange the hiring of insulated containers from one city and de-hiring at another location in New Zealand. Contact us today to find out how easy, convenient and affordable it is to hire with SEA Containers NZ.

Our shipping unit costs vary according to unit condition and your storage or transport needs. Fill out our online contact form for a friendly, no-obligation quote.

If you need to order and transport shipping containers in New Zealand, we are eager to be of service. We offer fast and affordable transport from our NZ-wide network to wherever you choose. We aim to transport shipping containers 24-48 hours within metropolitan areas or a little longer for rural areas after confirming your order.


Does shipping container size matter?

Yes! First, determine how much on-site space you have, then how much you have to store. You can choose 10ft, 20ft, or 40ft standard or high cube containers.

What are the dimensions of the containers?

Externally, all units are 2.44m wide and 2.59m high. 10ft units are 2.99m long, 20ft units are 6.1m and 40ft units are 12.2m.

How will my container be delivered?

This will depend on what site access you have, and whether the truck needs to crane the container into position, such as over fences or down the side of a building wall. We will deliver your unit on either a HIAB truck, then use the crane to place it on the pre-prepared location. Or we will use a swinglift container truck which often carries heavier containers but has limited flexibility in where it can place the container.