40ft Container Dimensions

A 40ft shipping container is a popular container type generally used in international shipping, self-storage and home modification. One of the advantages of these storage container sizes is they offer a greater cubic capacity than 20ft containers. 

The interior and exterior dimensions of our 40ft units are:





12.2 metres

12.03 metres


2.44 metres

2.35 metres


2.59 metres

2.39 metres



Door width:

2.34 metres

Door height:

2.28 metres


67.7 m³

Tare weight:

3,500 kg

Gross weight: 

30,480 kg

Maximum load weight:

26,980 kg

Storage capacity:

Up to 18 large pallets / 3 bedroom home 

Note: Measurements and shipping container dimensions may vary by manufacturer.

Types of 40ft Containers

At SEA Containers, besides general-purpose shipping containers, we also sell specialist equipment.

  • A refrigerated shipping container features a self-powered cooling system to transport and store perishable cargo, such as fresh produce or frozen goods. 
  • High cubes have an extra 30cm of vertical space than standard containers for transporting extra-tall freight.
  • Insulated containers ship cargo that must maintain consistent ambient temperatures. 
  • Flat racks support heavy shipments such as vehicles or machinery.
  • Dangerous goods shipping containers ensure secure transportation of flammable materials such as gas bottles, fertilisers and paint thinners.
  • Side-opening containers feature side doors for easy access.
  • Open-tops feature end doors providing loading and unloading flexibility.

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