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Shipping Containers Supporting Marine Services and Boating Industry

SEA Containers has a long-standing relationship with companies supporting the Marine Services industry throughout New Zealand. This is an extremely lucrative and under-rated industry in New Zealand. With our prowess in America’s Cup campaigns, our Olympic Games success, and superb technical and practical boating knowledge, New Zealand is increasingly becoming a destination for Super Yachts to complete their multi-million dollar refits here.

In addition to our flagship container modification where we built a very high-spec (off the grid) shipping container workshop for the Super Yacht Blue Too, we have also built a number of smaller (or, less advanced shall we say) workshops with power/lighting, workbenches and additional doors and windows.

Shipping Containers and Americas Cup

Down at Silo Marina by Wyndham Quarter, we have a number of containers to lease for boat owners and for those in the marine service industry who need dry and secure storage so close to the waterfront. In addition we also supply shipping containers for sale and lease at other marina’s such as at the Orakei Yacht Club.

Shipping Container Spraybooths

Some of our containers have been turned into shipping container spraybooths, drying rooms, sound barriers for generators and of course general workshops.

Off-Shore Shipping Containers

Furthermore, if you are an off-shore specialist outfit within the oil rig industry, speak to us as we have the experience and know-how in supplying the correct and certified container for these specialist requirements.

For any shipping container requirements, just have a chat with our team who will definitely find the right solution for you. Whether it is just dry storage, workshops or off-shore specialist equipment – we are the team to talk to.