Dangerous Goods Containers

Moving dangerous goods and finding safe storage for them can be difficult. Sea Containers offers a range of container solutions for storing hazardous or otherwise dangerous products. Specially crafted for dangerous materials, these units aim to ensure safe containment. They’ll ensure that your materials reach their new destination, or remain in storage, without causing any damage to people or property.

We can modify shipping containers to a size of your choosing, whether you need 8 feet or 14. If you have special requirements, we can cater to those, too. For example, the modifications we can make include side-opening doors. You might also like to add internal shelving or a lock.

Main storage uses are:

  • Class 3 flammables
  • Paint and thinners
  • Oils and diesel
  • Liquids
  • Fertilisers
  • Gas Bottles

Dangerous Good Container Questions?

We have the answer for your requirements

Whether you need storage or transport solutions, our dangerous goods containers can be used for all sorts of materials. These include class 3 flammables, paint and thinners, oils and diesel, as well as a range of other hazardous liquids.

At Sea Containers we offer dangerous goods containers for rental as well as for sale. These containers are ideal for customers who need to transport goods on a one-time basis, or who require short-term storage.

Our 20ft dangerous goods containers are useful for transportation as well as storage. These 20ft shipping containers are manufactured with bunded floors and vents at their top and bottom to ensure safety.

As with our 20ft units, our 40ft shipping containers for sale feature bunded floors and vents. They are ideal for customers who need a little extra storage space, or who have a large amount of material to transport.

Prices for our dangerous goods containers vary. Their prices will depend on both their condition and your transport requirements. If you’d like to purchase or hire one, get in touch with us for a quote so we can plan it based on your requirements. We’ll also ensure it meets HSNO’s regulations.

We can deliver our dangerous goods containers nationwide. With depots all over the country, as well as an extensive shipping container transport network, having your container delivered is easy. If you need your dangerous goods container for transport reasons, you can have it delivered in one city and picked up in another. For dangerous goods containers in New Zealand, whether for purchase or for hire, choose Sea Containers.

Get in touch with us today to find the best dangerous goods container for your needs.