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Used Shipping Containers

SEA Containers NZ offers an extensive range of used shipping containers for sale NZ-wide, ranging from refurbished units suitable for fulfilling export and domestic storage requirements to containers for farm and construction use.

With depots on the North Island and South Island of New Zealand, we can easily transport our units to your site. 

Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Our used container sales team can organise the supply of quality second-hand storage containers ranging from 10 to 40 feet in length and varying in height from 2.6 metres (standard height) to 2.9 metres (the height of high cube containers). 

10ft high cube containers are high capacity storage units with doors on one end — ideal for customers with limited space. However, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers are equipped with doors at both ends for easy access and unloading.

The price of second-hand containers depends on the condition and intended use of the unit. So, talk to the experts at SEA Containers NZ to ensure you purchase the right container to suit your requirements.

Our container grades for sale and hire include near new A, B and C grades.

A ‘B grade’ shipping container comprises the best condition units in our 2nd-hand shipping container range.

A B grade container would have been previously used for shipping goods around the globe.

  • Structurally sound and in good overall condition, these units may contain minor dents, dings, light surface rust and signs of repair work.
  • The floor may show signs of wear, including stains and repair patches.
  • When delivered to our customer’s site, the unit is guaranteed 100% watertight and windproof.
  • Cargo ready, these used containers can be exported once updated with a valid CSC plate – speak to our team about this before delivery.
  • Our range of used 20ft and 40ft shipping containers for sale suits container modification or safe storage of household and personal goods
  • We can install a lockbox for added security or add doors, windows or even re-painted units to suit the outside of nearby buildings. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Our C grade units comprise second-hand economy grade shipping containers.

  • These general-purpose containers may display considerable signs of wear, including dents, external surface rust and visible signs of repair.
  • C Grade used shipping containers are ideal for farm and business uses such as storing machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Guaranteed to be 100% wind and waterproof upon delivery.
  • Containers are supplied unpainted but can be painted and have a lockbox installed at customer request.

Alongside standard 40ft and 20ft shipping containers, we also stock a wide range of special-purpose used shipping containers for sale, including:

  • Used 20ft and 40ft insulated containers for sale and hire. These used or refurbished non-operating reefer containers are available at our depots throughout New Zealand.
  • Second-hand side opening containers and double-ended door units.
  • Containers suited to storing dangerous goods.
  • We sell 8’, 10’ used containers or any length you require, such as 14′ or even 30′ long units.
  • Used open-top storage containers.
  • Flat racks or bases.

The Container Safety Convention (CSC) is the internationally adopted health and safety criteria to ensure the safety of all those involved in handling containers. Valid CSC plates are required for any shipping container used for ocean voyage transport.

Under the widely utilised Periodic Examination Scheme (PES), all new storage containers receive a CSC valid for five years. At the expiry of this period, used containers can have their CSC extended by a maximum of 30 months from the inspection date.

SEA Containers ‘B grade’ used and refurbished shipping containers can be fitted with CSC plates at a customer’s request, valid for a standard 12 months (longer periods can be requested but is subject to container condition).


Should I buy a new or used shipping container?

Deciding between a new and used shipping container depends on your budget and the purpose of the storage container. A refurbished shipping container will cost significantly less, but new containers are the best solution for pop-up shops, extra storage for valuable goods, or home modification. 

What are shipping containers made of?

A 20ft container is manufactured from high-quality corten steel, which is corrosion resistant and designed to withstand sea conditions. In addition, high-quality rubber seals ensure the storage container is wind and watertight to protect cargo. The internal flooring is generally made of hardwood.

Do you buy back containers?

Yes! However, to provide an accurate quote for a buy-back, we also factor in transportation costs and how long we will need to store the container before re-sale. We may also decline a buy-back if the unit is in an inaccessible location.