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Insulated Shipping Container Hire

Are you looking for shipping containers that offer precise temperature control for transporting and storing cargo? SEA Containers provides a wide range of insulated shipping containers for hire or sale throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

Our insulated containers are wind and watertight, vermin-proof, secure and durable. We guarantee competitive prices and efficient delivery to all locations across New Zealand.

What is an Insulated Container

Insulated shipping containers are also known as non-operating refrigerated containers. Insulated containers are an excellent transport and storage solution when a consistent ambient internal temperature must be maintained. The heavy-duty foam-filled walls provide hot or cold temperature retention and reduced condensation

Types of container

We rent and sell insulated containers in new and second-hand condition. All our non-operating refrigerated shipping containers are guaranteed to be 100% wind and watertight for maximum durability. 


‘A-grade’ new shipping containers for hire have been on just one ocean journey from the manufacturer, so they are in optimum condition. These storage containers generally have vents in the sidewalls, marine plywood floors and lockboxes. 


For more affordable options, choose our B or C grade insulated shipping containers

‘B grade’ containers have been used for international shipping and may display minor damage, surface rust or repairs but are 100% seaworthy once we update them with a valid CSC plate. 

We supply ‘C grade’ shipping containers in an ‘as-is’ condition. Visible signs of previous repairs, dents and rust may be evident. They are ideal for a wide range of short and long-term storage applications. 

Container Sizes

20 ft

20ft shipping containers are the industry standard size for intermodal transportation. 20ft refrigerated containers are generally available in either single-phase or 3-phase units. 

40 ft

40ft storage containers are most commonly used in international shipping and are available in 3-phase only.

Should I hire or buy a container

Hiring an insulated shipping container is suitable for short-term arrangements such as temporary storage for agricultural equipment and machinery, furniture, business documents, tools or one-off transport of products. However, buying a container is an excellent option for longer-term storage uses. If you’re interested in a more permanent storage solution, check out our insulated shipping containers for sale

Pricing options

The pricing of our non-operating refrigerated shipping containers varies according to your container requirements, the unit condition, grade and transport needs. Get an obligation-free quote online now, or contact our friendly team on 0508 732266.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery options?

We offer fast and affordable transport across the North Island and South Island of New Zealand via our network of depots. We will deliver your shipping container using one of two methods. We may use a HIAB truck, which employs a crane to place the container in a pre-prepared location. Or, we’ll use a swing lift truck that suits heavier containers, but it limits delivery to specific locations

Once we confirm your order, we aim to deliver to metropolitan areas within 24-48 hours. To customers located in rural areas, delivery will take a little longer. Get in touch with our team about our door-to-door service to your home or business site.

Can the container be modified?

Yes, we offer insulated shipping container modification to match your requirements. Many of our customers have modified their units to include shelving systems, side-opening doors, roller doors, lighting, lockboxes, and company logos. Contact our friendly team to discuss personalised solutions for any storage containers.

What can I use an insulated container for?

Non-operating refrigerated shipping containers are ideal for various purposes where goods must be stored at a consistent ambient temperature, like certain foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Insulated containers are also great for personal long-term storage of clothes, furniture, books, wine and food.

If you require greater temperature control, check out our refrigerated shipping containers. Reefers operate between -20°C and 18°C, making them perfect for storing and transporting perishables such as frozen food, meat, drinks, fruit and vegetables. 

Hire an insulated container today

Whether you’re looking for side-opening, high-cube containers, insulated or refrigerated shipping containers for hire or sale, SEA has a range of containers to suit almost any purpose. Email our friendly sales team at [email protected], or call us on 0508 732266.