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40ft High Cube Container Dimensions

40ft high-cube shipping containers are perfect for shipping items that need more vertical space. These shipping containers are explicitly used for shipping low weight, capacious freight and oversized cargo up to 2.70 m tall.

High-cube containers also offer safe, dry and secure storage of household items or business equipment. The extra length and height makes them ideal for conversion projects. 
40ft high-cube shipping container dimensions are:





12.2 metres

12.03 metres


2.44 metres

2.35 metres


2.90 metres

2.70 metres


Door width:

2.34 metres

Door height:

2.59 metres

Interior cubic capacity:

76.2 m³

Tare weight:

4,050 kg

Gross weight: 

34,000 kg

Maximum load:

26,430 kg

Storage capacity:

5 bedroom home (up to 7rooms)

Note: Shipping container dimensions may vary by manufacturer.

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