Container Safety Convention (CSC) Certified Used Containers

The Container Safety Convention (CSC) is the internationally adopted health and safety criteria, used to ensure the safety of all those involved in the handling of containers. Valid CSC plates are required for any shipping containers that are being used for ocean voyage transport purposes.

Under the widely utilised Periodic Examination Scheme (PES), all new containers receive a CSC valid for a period of 5 years. At the expiry of this period, used freight containers can have their CSC extended by a maximum of 30 months from the inspection date.

SEA Containers ‘B grade’ used and refurbished shipping containers can be fitted with CSC plates at a customer’s request, valid for a standard 12 months (longer periods can be requested but is subject to container condition).  We can also certify our ‘C Grade’ containers for last trip voyages if required.

Do you have a shipping container that is needed to be exported but you have just realised that the CSC has expired?  We have our own inhouse team that can certify containers nationwide – speak to us first to see if we can offer a stress free solution.