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Shipping Container Sheds

Designed to carry heavy cargo weight and withstand harsh outdoor environments, the shipping containers for sale from SEA Containers make ideal garden sheds. These strong and sturdy structures are great for providing affordable long-term secure storage. Whether you’re looking to store a few garden tools or park a large vehicle, shipping containers can be modified to suit a wide variety of uses.

Shipping Container Shed Designs

There are nearly endless possibilities when it comes to designing your shipping container shed. If you are just looking for a space to store your gardening equipment and tools, a standard 20ft shipping container will do the job. Cover this with split wood cladding and you will have the perfect shipping container garden shed. Wood panelled shed designs blend in well the natural surroundings of the outdoors.

Container shed designs can be as simple or complex as you’d like. More extreme container shed designs include the container barn, which can be constructed using 40ft shipping containers stacked together. You could also use two 20ft shipping containers to design a structure large enough to hold a heavy vehicle. Shipping containers have the strength to store things that would usually cause a traditional shed to break. For a better idea of how big our container types are, visit our shipping container dimensions page.

Shipping container sheds don’t just have to be limited to storage. By installing electricity and customising the container shed with windows and doors, they can also be transformed into fully functioning workshops or repair shops. The look of your workshop or repair shop can be enhanced with paint colours of your choice.

Shipping Container Plans and Construction

Building shipping container sheds does take some planning. The first thing to do is find out the local building codes. You will need to adhere to the local rules and get a building permit before the construction process can start.

Once your shipping container shed construction has been approved, you can start the planning the design of your shed. You will first need to figure out the amount of structural modification work that will need to be done to your container, such as the fitting of windows, ramps, doors or shelving units. SEA Containers NZ specialises in shipping container modifications and customisations, so we will be happy to help you with this.

Regarding construction, there are two basic approaches: single level construction and two level construction. Single level construction is when containers are connected with a single level floor plan. When building side to side, the walls of each container can be removed to create a wide open space.

Two level construction is a more challenging process. If you plan to stack the shipping containers permanently, then they will need to be welded together with plates of weathering steel on each corner, with plates along the rails. If you plan to unstack them eventually, then twist locks may be a better option. These locks are used to secure sea containers safely on ships and can hold under the toughest weather conditions.

Another important factor to consider is the payload rating of the container. If you are planning to keep heavy equipment on the top level, you will need to stay within the safe payload rating. If you don’t, this could cause damage to the container or cause it to buckle.

Shipping Container Shed Costs

The cost of using a shipping container as a shed depends on various factors. Pricing usually varies according to the size and type of container and the location of the container. The amount and type of container modifications you get will obviously make a huge difference to the overall cost of your sea container shed. It’s also important to consider that prices for shipping containers may fluctuate over short periods of time due to availability.