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Dangerous Goods Shipping Container Hire

Dangerous goods shipping containers are designed to transport and store hazardous goods while ensuring maximum safety for you and the general public. Our dangerous goods containers are specially designed to provide safe containment. Any items kept inside the unit are protected from outside elements while preventing chemicals from escaping. So, you can feel confident your materials will reach their destination without causing damage to property or people.
SEA Containers NZ offers a wide range of shipping containers for sale and hire in different sizes to suit your needs. Choose short or long-term leasing plans for home or company use. 

Uses for Dangerous Goods Containers

The primary uses for dangerous goods shipping containers are storing hazardous materials such as:

  • Class 3 flammables
  • Oils and diesel
  • Paints and paint thinners
  • Liquids
  • Gas Bottles
  • Fertilisers

Chemical storage

If you’re looking for chemical storage or transport solutions for agricultural chemicals, hazardous goods and toxic substances, we have durable dangerous goods containers for hire to manage risk. 


Container Sizes

Our range of dangerous goods shipping containers comply with strict New Zealand health and safety standards and are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes.  

20 foot

20ft containers are structurally sound, watertight, and wind-tight to keep your items safe in any weather conditions. Dangerous goods containers are manufactured with bunded floors, discharge valves to drain spillages and large vents for increased airflow. Easy opening end doors and full side-opening doors are standard.

40 foot

A 40ft shipping container features the same inclusions and will suit customers who need a little extra storage space or have larger volumes to transport. All 40ft shipping containers are guaranteed 100% wind and watertight, and you can choose from short or long-term leasing plans to suit your requirements. SEA’s 40ft dangerous goods containers comply with strict New Zealand health and safety standards. If you need even more space, check out our high cube containers for hire.


Benefits of hiring vs. buying

Hiring a shipping container is ideal for short-term applications. Many of our customers hire units for transport and temporary storage. However, buying a container is an excellent option for longer-term arrangements. After removing the hazardous contents, the container can be reused to store other materials or repurposed into something different. In addition, if you buy a shipping container and decide later that you no longer need it, you can re-sell it and recoup your investment. All of our containers are available for both hire and sale.


Prices to hire

Prices for our dangerous goods containers vary depending on their condition and your container requirements. If you’d like to discuss a container for sale or hire, contact us to request a quote so we can accommodate your needs. Phone us at our head office on 0508 732266 or email the sales team at [email protected]


Transporting Dangerous Goods Containers

We can deliver our dangerous goods containers to any location nationwide. SEA Containers’ extensive shipping container delivery network makes container transportation easy. We can even deliver your dangerous goods container to one city and pick it up in another. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a new or a used container?

Whether you should hire a new or used container depends on:

  1. The intended use
  2. How long you need it for
  3. Your budget

Typically, new general-purpose containers are great ideas for:

Container homes or extending living spaces

  • Pop-up eateries
  • On-site workshops
  • Offices
  • Portable shops

Used containers are generally used for:

  • Shipping cargo
  • Garden sheds
  • Safe storage of equipment and furniture
  • Garages


Can a dangerous goods container be modified?

Shipping containers are robust, sturdy and watertight, so adding simple modifications is a low-cost way to create what you need. We can modify your unit to include additional features, for example, side-opening doors, internal shelving or locks. We can even add a fresh coat of paint for an additional fee.

Can I get the container delivered?

Yes, our delivery service can generally deliver to central metropolitan locations within 24 to 48 hours using either a HIAB crane truck or a side loading swing lift. We also specialise in inner-city, inter-city, and inter-island container relocations. Speak with our team about a door-to-door delivery rate from our depot to your home or business.

Hire a container today

Whatever type of container you’re looking to hire, we have got you covered. If you are not sure what is the best option to suit your needs, email our friendly sales team at [email protected], or call us on 0508 732266.