Shipping Containers Pago Pago

Through the magnificent deep blue water and the majestic mountaintops, SEA Containers has found the beauty of Pago Pago. It is for this reason of the deep water; SEA Containers is able to supply Pago Pago with the multiple requests to supply the island with shipping container for a variety of uses.

SEA Containers can supply both new and used dry containers, plus we specialise in supplying refrigerated shipping containers for retail business on the island. 

In addition to standard 20′ and 40′ containers, we can also supply 8′ and 10′ shipping containers which are ideal for hard to reach areas on the island, due to their lighter weight and smaller footprint. 

There are two ways to organise the purchase of a shipping container in Pago Pago directly, or have it supplied in Auckland, New Zealand for delivery into Pago Pago with your cargo inside – contact:-

We guarantee that our containers are 100% wind and water tight and suitable for storage in the Islands