Shipping Container Dimensions

When selecting a shipping container, the most important consideration is determining the shipping container size you require. SEA Containers offers one of the largest ranges of shipping containers sizes in New Zealand, so whatever your requirements, we can supply the right new or used container for the job.

Containers come in many sizes, with the most common standard shipping container dimensions being 40, 20 and 10 feet in length. However, shipping container sizes and dimensions can vary drastically. There are two common shipping container heights; general purpose or high cube, and pallet width containers are also available to order.

If you require shipping container dimensions for our specialist equipment such as open top containers, flat racks or open side containers, contact our team who can easily provide the information you need.

20ft Shipping Container Dimensions

The most common container size utilised in international logistics, a 20ft shipping container is the recommended size for storing the contents of a typical three bedroom home. Providing 33.1m3 of internal volume, these shipping containers standard dimensions combine ample storage space and ease of handling and transport.

20ft High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions

One of our most popular specialised container sizes is the 20ft high cube shipping container. A 20ft high cube shipping container offers an extra 31cm of internal height and 4.2m of cubic capacity over a standard height 20ft container, providing 37.4m3 of internal volume. The dimensions of this high cube shipping container are suited to storing the average contents of a 2 to 3 bedroom home.

40ft Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft shipping containers are one of the most common container sizes utilised in global shipping. Able to store up to 18 large pallets worth of goods, 40-foot shipping containers offer a generous 67.7m3 of internal volume and a maximum cargo weight of 30,480kg.

40ft High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft high cube containers provide 76.2m3 of internal storage volume and are among the largest standard containers available in New Zealand. A 40ft high cube shipping container offers an extra 31cm of internal height and 8.5m of cubic capacity over a standard height 40ft container. The advantages of a high cube container are that it allows you to ship or store bigger and heavier cargo, as well as a larger door size.  

Refrigerated Shipping Container Dimensions

Refrigerated shipping containers are required for the safe transportation of food, produce and other perishables that must be kept at specific temperatures. Refrigerated shipping containers internal dimensions are generally the same as those of a standard shipping container unless otherwise stated.