Flat Rack Shipping Containers for Sale

SEA Containers NZ offers a range of high-quality flat rack shipping container options throughout New Zealand. Unlike general purpose units, collapsible flat racks feature a robust steel platform and two folding walls – sometimes ‘flush folding’. The only disadvantage of this container type is the absence of walls which makes them structurally weaker. Conversely, non-collapsible flat rack units have fixed ends on the short sides to support a more significant top load. The solid base and lashing rings installed on side rails, floor and corner posts secure the cargo.

Flat rack containers are an ideal solution for numerous situations:

  • The reinforced floor makes flat racks suitable for transporting cargo such as steel, industrial equipment, and goods with extra-large or unique dimensions.
  • Transporting machinery, boats or vehicles.
  • Flat racks have no roof or side walls, allowing regular and easy access to cargo.

SEA Containers supply both new and used flat rack container styles to suit your needs. In addition, our flexible transportation network provides efficient container delivery by road, sea, or rail using a crane truck or a side-loading swing lift.

Here at SEA Containers, we have both ‘new’ and used flat rack containers for sale. While our second-hand containers may have some wear and tear, they will be perfectly suitable for various requirements. We supply many 20ft and 40ft flat rack containers for farm use, such as bridges to help transport farm equipment across ditches and rivers, and are ideal for assisting livestock cross wide divides. Most containers are manufactured with forklift pockets for onsite moves.

Our flat rack container dimensions include 20ft and 40ft containers, with B grade and C grade options. The cost can vary depending on condition, location, and the intended purpose of the unit, so get in touch with us to find a container that is right for you.

At SEA Containers, we offer containers for hire, suitable for short-term applications. They are beneficial if you plan to ship, store or deliver heavy, tall, wide, or unwieldy cargo. In addition, renting a container is ideal if you need to move a large quantity of goods from one place to another. With our flexible hire conditions, you can rent a flat rack container in New Zealand for your chosen period.

Our 20ft shipping container units follow the industry-standard dimensions for storage and transportation and are especially useful when cargo needs to be loaded from the sides. These steel containers can easily hold high-density items while remaining within required weight limits. Flat rack containers are ideal for irregularly shaped cargo when loading can be difficult or near impossible to manage with a standard container. When four collapsible flat rack units are stacked, they occupy the space of a single standard container.


Like their 20ft counterparts, a 40ft flat rack container is useful for side-loaded cargo. Thanks to their extra length, 40ft containers are likely to be the best choice if you have larger commercial equipment to move. Because the walls on the collapsible units can be folded, you can join multiple racks to reach standard container height. We can add extra protection to our 40ft and 20ft units by wrapping the top of the container.

Visit our online shop, or talk to our friendly team about the container type that suits your needs. Phone us on 0508 732266 or email us at [email protected].

We offer nationwide delivery on our new and used containers. Wherever you reside in New Zealand, it’s easy to buy or hire a container with SEA Containers. When planning for your container delivery, ensure a flat surface is available to keep the shipping container level. You also need to consider any obstacles that might create difficulties. For example, trees, power lines, and the overhang from buildings could get in the way due to the height of our trucks. You can learn more about our shipping container transport options here.

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We would love to help you find a flat rack container for sale that meets your needs. Contact our friendly team for more information or to request a quote. You can reach us by phone on 0508 732 266 or request a callback via our online form.


What are flat rack containers used for?

Used flat rack containers transport various types of heavy or oversized cargo. The most common types of cargo shipped on flat rack containers are machinery, factory parts, heavy industry components and equipment. 

What is the payload of a flat rack container?

Flat rack containers are engineered to ship heavy loads. 20ft standard containers can support a load of approximately 31,000 – 34,000kg, and a 40ft can carry around 39,000 – 44,000kg.

Can I collect my container?

Yes, you are welcome to collect it from any of our depots.