Refrigerated Container For Hire

SEA Containers supply a wide range of new and refurbished refrigerated storage containers for hire in New Zealand. The operating range of refrigerated shipping containers makes these high-capacity units suitable for storing and transporting temperature-controlled products such as frozen food, meat, beverages, plants, fruit and vegetables that must remain chilled before sale

Types of refrigerated containers

Our reefer containers offer effective refrigeration solutions even in the highest ambient temperatures. Choose from new, used and non-operating storage containers.


Refrigerated shipping containers offer more than just a frozen storage solution. Reefer containers are mainly used for transportation; however, new containers are increasing in popularity at festivals, corporate outings, and functions. Their excellent temperature control enables food and beverages to be stored safely for prolonged periods.


Second-hand reefer containers are available in 20ft and 40ft sizes. Our used refrigerated shipping containers are an affordable and practical way to store or transport perishable goods requiring precise temperature control


For customers who don’t need a chilled unit but still need to store products at consistent temperatures, a non-operating unit may be a better option. Non-operating refrigerated containers are equipped with heavy-duty insulation that retains hot or cold air temperature while reducing condensation.

Container Sizes

Refrigerated shipping containers are available in a single-phase (15 amp) or 3-phase (32 amp) power supply, depending on your preference. The box interior is manufactured from Corten steel, stainless steel and aluminium, with sandwich packed foam. 

In addition, our standard height containers are well-maintained, weather-tight and vermin-proof. All refrigerated containers also feature an easy-open access door on one end and complete inner and outer door seals to ensure no cold air escapes. 


20ft reefers are the industry standard shipping container size for transportation. Our 20ft models are generally available in either single-phase or 3-phase units. This reefer container size features a capacity of 33.1m³ internally.


The 40ft models are most commonly used in international shipping. These containers are capable of storing up to 18 large pallets, offering a capacity of 67.7m³ of internal volume and supporting a maximum load of 30 tonnes. 40ft refrigerated storage containers are available in 3-phase only.

Should I buy or hire a container

Refrigerated shipping containers are most commonly used as portable containers for events, walk-in cold rooms, long-term chilled storage, retail shops and international shipping. A refrigerated shipping container offers many advantages, and deciding whether you rent or buy depends on how you plan to use it.

Hire a shipping container for:

  • Safe storage of temporary or seasonal items
  • Events and festivals that require on-site refrigeration
  • One-time shipping

Buy a container for:

  • Extra storage solutions for items long-term 
  • Regularly transporting cargo
  • Factory or lab storage solutions

If you’re interested in a more permanent solution, we also sell refrigerated models. Take a look at our range of storage containers for sale.

Prices to hire

Our reefer container prices reflect the container’s condition, type, grade and transport service required. Enjoy affordable short and long-term hire options. Depending on your requirements, we also supply dangerous goods, side-opening, flat-rack, and high-cube containers for rent and sale. So, get in touch with our friendly team for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature range of a refrigerated container? 

Our refrigerated shipping containers operate at a temperature range of -20°C and 18°C.

Can I get the container delivered?

Yes, we deliver containers New Zealand wide using either a HIAB crane truck or a side loading swing lift. We can generally have your unit transported to any central metropolitan location within 24 to 48 hours, but a rural delivery service may take longer. All reefer containers receive a pre-trip inspection to ensure it is ready to fill. Get in touch with our team about transportation costs around New Zealand from our depot to your home or worksite.

Can a refrigerated container be modified?

Yes, we offer refrigerated container modification to suit your needs, including shelving systems, full side-access doors, lighting, lockboxes, company logos and modification to normal container doors. Contact our friendly team to discuss customised solutions for any of our storage containers

Hire a container today

At SEA Containers, we have helped people across New Zealand secure the best container for their great ideas, including modified high cube containers, equipment, furniture and machinery storage, events, and residential projects. Get in touch with us today and we will find the container that suits your needs. Email our friendly sales team here, or call us on 0508 732266.