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Shipping Container Transport 

Choosing the right type of transportation is crucial to the successful delivery and unloading of your shipping container. At SEA Containers, our experienced team commonly transport shipping containers to a site utilising either a Swinglift side loader or HIAB crane truck. Below is an overview of how these transporting trucks load and deliver containers, as well as some important points to consider when it comes to shipping container transport in New Zealand.

Things to Consider

When planning to safely transport containers, you should consider any obstacles on the way to your new location. Look out for overhead obstacles like trees, power lines, overhangs from buildings, and fixed objects like fences and signage. Shipping container transport is best done on a flat surface with no soft sand or slopes to keep the shipping container level and allow the doors to open and close. This makes the whole rental container relocation process much easier.

Swinglift Container Truck Delivery 

Commonly used for 40ft shipping container transport, the Swinglift truck is fitted with a loading system operating to one side. Since the shipping container can only be unloaded from the right-hand driver’s side, it’s important to think about which way the shipping container will be loaded onto the truck at our depot. Will the driver need to reverse into the property location, or simply drive straight in? Please inform our team about this when you book for shipping container relocation.

Here are a few examples of how a Swinglift loader safely unloads shipping containers from the driver’s side. This will give you an indication of the required amount of space needed on site, including height clearance.

12m Swinglift Clearance requirements:
Height: 4.5m Width: 6m Length: 19m

HIAB Truck

A HIAB is a truck that has an integrated crane attached. These highly adaptable vehicles are capable of container relocations to difficult access areas with pinpoint accuracy. They offer a solution to moving shipping containers without a forklift. With HIAB delivery, shipping containers can be delivered over obstructions, such as 3m high fences. They can even be dropped at a 90-degree angle to the truck. However, HIAB trucks have weight restrictions, so please contact the team at SEA Containers about this before booking our service.

Watch the video to see how HIAB trucks can efficiently deliver containers over obstacles and away from the delivery truck.

HIAB Clearance requirements:
Height: 5m Width: 3.5m Length: 9m