Shipping Container Relocations Nationwide

Are you moving house and want to relocate your goods using container transport? SEA Containers NZ offers solutions for both sale and hire. We can help you move from A to B anywhere within New Zealand.

We can help you move from A to B anywhere within New Zealand. We will handle your removals between cities such as Christchurch and Auckland or Auckland to the Bay of Plenty.


For New Zealand house removals and relocations, a container can make your life easier. Plus, they can help you avoid the additional costs of packing and unpacking your possessions onto trucks. Typically, your possessions will be reloaded onto other trucks when you employ traditional house removal companies. Our self-pack-and-load option means you have complete control of how your gear is loaded.


We have an extensive container relocations network in New Zealand. We utilise road, sea, and rail to bring you the most cost-effective price possible. We will deliver the empty unit to your house for you to fill at your leisure. Once you are all packed, we will collect it using a suitable truck and finally deliver it to your final destination. If you are taking advantage of the leasing option, we will retrieve the container and return it to our depot.

If you own your container and require an experienced team of container movers, we can assist. Call us on 0508 732266 to request a quote.

If you are looking to relocate, take a minute to read through the container relocations checklist before talking to the SEA Containers team.

Call us on 0508 732-266 for more information on container relocations. Or send us an email at [email protected] You can speak with any one of the Regional Managers, and we will do everything we can to assist with your container relocations needs.

A container relocations service is one of our specialties. We have a variety of transportation options to help you move house. Our extensive transport network allows for easy removals, New Zealand-wide. Wherever you need shipping container transport in NZ, whether by road, sea, or rail, it will arrive with us.

Moving containers of all shapes and sizes is a breeze for us – whether they are ours or not. If you possess your own shipping container and need expert container movers, our team will be glad to assist.

For more details about our transport options, house removals, and services, visit our transport page. You can also phone or email our team for a quote.


How Much Does it Cost to Move a Shipping Container?

When it comes to the cost of container relocations, you need to consider the type of container, your location, and ease of site access.

To assess your situation and plan your move, contact our friendly staff by phone on 0508 732266, or email us at [email protected] for a removals quote. Our team can help you with all your needs for container relocations in New Zealand.

How long can I have the container for?

That depends on you! We charge a minimum 30-day hire period, even if you have the container for only seven days. Learn more about our container relocation options here.

What sizes are available for shipping container relocation?

We mainly supply both 20ft and 40ft containers for relocations. However, we can also provide 10ft containers. Phone or email the SEA Containers relocations team so we can offer various solutions and provide a quote.

Do we offer a container packing service?

No, however, you can utilise the services of a company specialising in house removals and packing. They can handle the packing, loading, and unloading of your items into the containers we supply. Contact our container movers team for more information.

What is the maximum weight I can put inside a container?

In general, 20ft containers, including contents, can only weigh a maximum of 6 tonnes (6,000kg). 40ft containers can have a combined weight of 24 tonnes (24,000kg). Find out more about our container solutions.

How long does it take for a container to ship to my property?

Expected timings for container relocations depends on transport schedules for road, rail, or sea. Rail across New Zealand is often quicker (3 to 5 days). Ocean freight takes 7 to 14 days but is more costly in general. Phone or email us your removals project details to get a quote from our container relocations team.

What if I don’t have very good site access for container delivery?

We have built dozens of local partnerships over the years to assist with container relocations and removals. We can supply containers to nearby storage yards, providing convenient access for packing your furniture and goods. You will need a house removals service to transport your goods from your house to the storage yard. Request container relocations quote today.