Shipping Containers Chatham Islands

The Misty Sun is the name of the archipalego approx 800km east of the South Island.  The locals are more likely to call it Rekohu which arises from the native Moriori language.

Since 1842, the Chatham Islands has been a colony of New Zealand, and since time began it has always been ahead of the rest of the world by 45 mins due to its geographical position.  

SEA Containers NZ has a ready supply of shipping containers at both Napier and Timaru ports, so can quickly and efficiently supply all sizes, types and grades of shipping containers over to the Chatham Islands.

We work in with Chatham Island Shipping ( in order to have the containers available to meet their sailing schedules.

Whether you are a major contractor based in the North or South Island of  New Zealand and wanting to get cargo safely and securely to the Island, or a local wanting additional dry storage for your property on the Island, then speak to Odin on 021 026-31676 or [email protected] for your container and freighting requirements.

Your container will have the same guarantee that SEA Containers offers clients in New Zealand, plus you will experience the same friendly and hands-on customer service to ensure the supply goes as smoothly as possible.