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20ft Container Hire

20ft shipping containers provide sturdy, convenient and versatile transport and extra storage solutions.  

They are perfect for conversion projects – create a pop-up restaurant, an on-site workshop, or even a home. Our lockable 20ft shipping containers can withstand harsh weather conditions and are vermin-proof, secure and durable.

With depots across New Zealand, we can efficiently deliver containers to your home or business. 

Types of 20ft containers

20ft shipping container hire is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as furniture storage or on-site construction offices. Our shipping containers are manufactured with doors at both ends and are easy to access, load, unload and manage. If you a larger container, we also have 40ft containers available for hire.


Also known as a ‘reefer’, a refrigerated container is primarily utilised for logistics purposes. But these shipping containers can also used for festivals and corporate functions. 

High Cube

A high-cube container is similar in structure to a standard shipping container but features an additional 30cm of vertical space. As a result, high-cube containers make great pop-up shops and temporary offices.


Often referred to as ‘non-operating reefers’, insulated shipping containers are‌ a great way to ‌transport temperature-sensitive ‌goods‌. ‌‌The‌ foam-filled ‌walls‌ keep‌ ‌stored‌ ‌‌materials‌ ‌‌at‌ ‌a‌ ‌consistent‌ ‌ambient‌ ‌‌temperature‌‌ ‌and‌ ‌reduce‌ their exposure to ‌‌heat‌.‌

Flat Rack

The reinforced floor of flat rack containers make them ideal for transporting freight with oversized, unique dimensions. In addition, flat-rack shipping containers have no roof or side walls, allowing easy access to cargo.

Dangerous Goods

With dangerous goods shipping container hire, you can feel confident that hazardous materials such as gas bottles, fertilisers, petroleum and paint thinners will be contained and transported safely.

Side Opening

A side opening shipping container is suitable for transporting heavy and unusually shaped cargo. Each container features a side opening for easy access to cargo.

Open Top

Transport and store heavy machinery and equipment with an open-top container hire. Roof bows secure the removable tarpaulin roof to protect your load, and end doors provide versatility for loading and unloading.

New or Used

At SEA Containers, customers can choose their shipping container for hire in new or used conditions. Each 20ft shipping container is guaranteed 100% wind, water and vermin-proof. Used shipping containers come in three grades:

An ‘A-grade’ shipping container has performed just one ocean voyage, carrying cargo from China to New Zealand. These containers have vents in the sidewalls and feature marine plywood floors and lockboxes as standard. 

We source our ‘B-grade’ containers internationally, and they may display signs of minor damage, surface rust or repairs. These units are 100% seaworthy once we update them with a valid CSC plate. 

A ‘C-grade’ used shipping container is supplied ‘as-is’. There may be signs of previous repairs, dents and rust. They are ideal for a wide range of safe storage applications. 

We thoroughly inspect each shipping container before leaving our local branch for your delivery location.

Benefits of hiring vs buying a container

Shipping container hire is perfect for short-term uses such as providing extra storage space for machinery, furniture, and tools. However, purchasing a storage container is ideal for more permanent arrangements. If you buy a container and later decide you no longer need it, you can re-sell it and recover the cost of your investment.

Price to hire a 20ft container

The hire price of our 20ft storage containers depends on a range of factors, including container type, grade, condition and transport costs. Contact our friendly team to check availability and get an accurate quote.

We also provide 10 foot and and 40 foot shipping containers for sale and hire. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can I get my container delivered?

Yes, we supply storage container hire across our New Zealand-wide network. We deliver using either a HIAB crane truck or a side loading swing lift to ensure your container’s safe and successful delivery. Contact our team regarding delivery costs from our depot to your site.

Can you modify my container?

We offer container hire modification options including shelving, personal access doors, lighting, lockboxes, and company logos. Speak with our friendly team to discuss customised solutions.

Do you have a lease-to-own option?

Yes, first, we will perform a credit check and request a deposit with 12 subsequent monthly instalments before transferring ownership. Please contact our team to discuss options. 

What are the dimensions?

A 20ft container’s internal dimensions are 5.9 metres long, 2.39 metres high and 2.35 metres wide, with approximately 33.2m³ of space. The internal dimensions of a 20ft high-cube container provide an extra 4.2m of capacity.

Hire a container today

We have helped thousands of New Zealanders secure the best shipping container solution for their purposes, including goods storage, events, and residential projects. Whatever type of container you’re looking to hire, we have got you covered. Email our friendly sales team at [email protected], or call us on 0508 732266.