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20ft Shipping Container Dimensions

The 20ft shipping container is the most common size of all shipping container sizes. This container type is suited for secure, static storage and domestic and international shipping. 

A 20-foot container's dimensions are standardised in the shipping industry. It measures about 20 feet in length (equivalent to 6.10 metres), 8 feet in width (2.44 metres), and 8.5 feet in height (2.59 metres). These dimensions remain relatively consistent among various container manufacturers, making the 20-foot container a dependable choice for cargo transport and storage.

The interior and exterior dimensions of our 20ft shipping containers are:





6.06 metres

5.90 metres


2.44 metres

2.35 metres


2.59 metres

2.39 metres



Door width:

2.34 metres

Door height:

2.28 metres

Interior cubic capacity:

33.1 m³

Tare weight:

2180 kg 

Gross weight: 

30,480 kg

Maximum load:

28,300 kg

Storage capacity:

Around 10 pallets / 3 bedroom home 

Note: Measurements may vary slightly between shipping container manufacturers.

A 20ft new or second-hand container is a common type used for a wide range of applications, such as equipment storage and home modifications. Shipping containers are wind- and water-proof with lockable doors providing easy access to load and unload cargo. 

 Types of 20ft containers include:
  • Refrigerated containers, or ‘reefers’, are suitable to ship temperature-controlled products.  
  • A high-cube container’s internal dimensions include an additional 30cm of vertical space than standard containers.
  • Insulated containers store materials at a consistent ‌ambient temperature.
  • Flat-racks are ideal for transporting oversized or heavy cargo weight.
  • Dangerous goods units transport hazardous freight such as gas bottles, petroleum and paint thinners.
  • Side-opening containers feature side doors to make loading and unloading easier. A full roof protects the shipment from the elements.
  • An open-top unit features a removable tarpaulin roof and end doors.
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