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Shipping containers are built to endure a harsh environment while making its journey across the world. The steel that is used to build a shipping container is called ‘Corten’. This type of steel is of a high strength (difficult to bend) that also has rust resistant properties. To help maximise the lifetime of a shipping container, SEA Containers recommends that the container is placed on level ground and on top of railway sleepers (or suitable treated timber). Usually the underside of a shipping container can be the weakest part of the container if placed on the group due to water having prolonged contact causing corrosion.

You only need one sleeper (can be sourced from any timber yard) cut in quarters and placed at each corner of where the container will be sited. Make sure that the ground is level which will assist in opening and closing the doors. By placing your container on sleepers, you will find that there will be better airflow under the container plus leaks will be identified quicker as there will be less condensation inside.

SEA Containers tips to improve your containers lifetime:

  • Make sure your container is on level ground
  • Lubricate door hinges regularly
  • Clean dirt and rust on the external walls with a water blaster if handy
  • If you are concerned of any bubbling surface rust, then use rust killer and paint over to help with longevity of the container
  • Avoid putting weight on the centre of the roof panels – this will help prevent water pooling
  • Only store dry goods in the container to avoid condensation. If damp goods are going to be stored inside, then it is recommended to install a SEA Breezer (we can supply) or Whirlybird to encourage active airflow
  • Replace worn rubber seals on doors (we can supply)