Shipping Container 20FT High Cube Open Side – Single Trip New

20FT High Cube Open Side Container

This container opens completely down one side in addition to having standard end opening doors. The side opening allows for loading of longer length product and quick loading and discharge with forklifts of palletised product.

This 20FT High Cube Open Side Container is built to a high-cube specification allowing for maximum load factors. For any specific requirements, please talk to your local sales manager or SEA Container customer services.


Length: 20ft (6058mm)

Width: 8ft (2438mm)

Height: 8ft 6ins (2896mm)


Length: 19ft 3ins (5898mm)

Width: 7ft 7ins (2288mm)

Height: 7ft 9ins (2559mm)

Cubic Capacity: (34.5m²)

Weight: 2.4tons (24,000kg)


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