Farmlands Exclusive Shipping Container Offer 

To celebrate SEA Containers 7th birthday, we have continued with our long-standing partnership with all Farmlands shareholders offering an exclusive shareholder discount for any general purpose shipping container purchased by 31st December 2019.

How to take advantage of this offer

SEA Containers NZ are offering discounted shipping containers when purchased using your Farmlands Card (terms and conditions do apply and subject to availability at time of order).  The exclusive offer is for our 20′ B and C grade standard height containers, plus our 40′ High Cube B grade containers.  However, if you require other containers or specialist equipment (such as flatracks to be used as farm bridges), please mention this to the SEA Containers team and let them know your preference ie. 40′ standard height shipping container / A grade.

The exclusive price are for the containers situated at our main 4 depots – Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch and Dunedin, however we do have over 30 satellite depots throughout New Zealand, so we can easily supply you from these however there will be additional transport charges.  

Please either speak to one of our team on 0508 732-266 or email our friendly staff on for more information.  Please ensure to let us know what grade and sized container you require, plus where delivery of the container would be to, in order to get an accurate quote.  Be sure to have your Farmlands Card details to hand.

Details of the Exclusive Offer

40′ High Cube B Grade @ $3,300, saving $500

20′ Standard Height B Grade @ $2,684, saving $216

20′ Standard Height C Grade @ $2,444, saving $206

** Subject to availability at time of order / colour of containers available vary, so please check at time of order / Prices are ex our main four container depots – Auckland, Mt Maunganui, Christchurch and Dunedin and exclude relocation and delivery costs to site

  • Container comes straight from manufacturer, but has been used once during the trip from China
  • Generally have multiple vents in side walls
  • Built with marine plywood floors
  • Fitted with lock box on doors for added security
  • Containers can show wear and tear (including scratches and bumps) from international shipping and truck moves
  • Various colours available upon request 

  • Best of second hand range with a better overall condition
  • Minor dents, dings and surface rust, and possibly has repair patches
  • 100% wind and water tight
  • Can be exported once updated with a valid CSC plate
  • Container previously used for shipping goods worldwide multiple times
  • Suitable for storing household goods and retail items

  • Container is in ‘as-is’ condition, and may have had previous repairs however are wind and water tight
  • Walls have their share of dents and dings with external surface rust
  • Suitable for storing machinery and uses around the farm
  • Containers can often have odour or large oil stains
  • Doors open and close, but often hinges may be slightly ceased