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Farmlands Shipping Container Exclusive 

Both Farmlands and SEA Containers are NZ-owned and operated. As long-standing partners with New Zealand’s leading rural supplies co-operative, SEA Containers NZ is offering all Farmlands shareholders special pricing deals on ANY shipping container purchased, hired or relocated with their Farmlands card.

Any shareholder who buys, hires or relocates a shipping container using their Farmlands card will receive a 4% Farmlands shareholder rebate off the regular retail price.

How to take advantage of this offer

Farmlands card partner, SEA Containers NZ, is offering a discount to any Farmlands shareholder who purchases, hires or relocates a shipping container using their Farmlands Card. Terms and conditions apply and are subject to availability at the time of order. The exclusive card partner offer applies to any range of products such as 10′, 20′, and 40′ shipping containers across all grades – A, B, and C.

So, no matter what container you require, we have you covered.  However, we are not just limiting it to storage containers. If you need specialist products and services such as a flat rack for a farm bridge, contact us for more information, as we often have these in stock too.

The promotion covers containers situated at any of our depots, New Zealand-wide. We have over 40+ depots throughout NZ, which means we will have a container near you.  Please bear in mind, the 4% Farmlands shareholder rebate applies to the complete transaction including the relocation of the container. 

Please contact our team on 0508 732 266 or email our friendly staff at [email protected] for more information on our Farmlands card partner deal. Let us know what grade and size container you require, plus the delivery location of the container, to get an accurate quote. 

Standard Farmlands Co-Operative Society payment terms apply. SEA Containers NZ will charge the purchase or monthly hire to your Farmlands card, and the rebate will appear on your next account statement. Be sure to have your Farmlands Card account details on hand when you place your order. 

Details of the Exclusive Shareholders Offer

Until the end of May 2024, we will offer a 4% discount off the RRP to Farmlands shareholders on ANY shipping container purchased or hired using your Farmland card.

The 4% Farmlands card discounts apply to the whole transaction, including the shipping container purchase or monthly hire price plus the transport costs.  We also now offer a 4% rebate on the relocation of your shipping container too – we have you covered for any shipping container related requirements.

** Subject to availability at time of order / colour of containers available vary, so please check at time of order / Prices are ex any one of our container depots.

Further details on our container grades below:

Need more information on the Farmlands shareholder deal and what services we can provide for you? Contact the friendly team at SEA Containers NZ today.