Shipping Container Desiccant

Shipping Container Desiccant

Shipping Container Desiccants are designed to trap and reduce moisture in shipping containers, creating a protective environment of dry air.

These powerful packs absorb 200% of their weight in moisture. Leak-proof, safe to use, and no liquid waste, the moisture solidifies into a gel to prevent any leakage.

We recommend at least two (2) desiccants be used at once in a 20FT container. If the container contents hold a lot of moisture the number of desiccants should be increased.

To increase the life of your shipping container desiccant, cover container vents and try to keep your container doors closed as much as possible.

Commonly used in shipping containers, storage facilities, garages, motor homes and boats, and garden sheds.


$39.10 ($34.00 excl. gst )