Containers for Sale

SEA Containers NZ specialises in high-grade shipping containers delivered New Zealand-wide and throughout the Pacific Islands. Buy or hire new and used shipping containers. Popular sizes from our range include 40ft and 20ft containers – available in standard height (approx. 2.4m internal height) and high cube (approx. 2.7m internal height) to suit any storage project.

Should I buy a new or used container?  The answer depends on several things:

  1. What are you using it for
  2. How long do you need it for
  3. What is your budget?
  4. When you require it
  5. Whether you are looking for new or used shipping containers for sale

New containers can be used for:

  • Container homes or extending living spaces
  • Pop-up restaurants
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • Portable stores
  • General and household storage

Second-hand used shipping containers are good for:

  • Garden sheds
  • Shipping cargo around New Zealand and to the Pacific Islands
  • Storage
  • Garages
  • Nurseries or indoor gardens

We assign grades using a three-tier system for both new or used shipping containers:

  • A-grade units have had one trip only and come direct from the manufacturer so are as new as you can, but can still arrive with wear and tear from international shipping
  • B-grade containers are wind and water-tight; perfect for commercial and household storage
  • Our C-grade units are sold ‘as-is’ and are ideal for agricultural use and industrial storage

Refrigerated Containers

Also known as ‘reefers’, our refrigerated shipping containers for sale operate at temperatures between minus 25 °C and +25 °C. This is the ideal temperature range for storing and transporting perishables such as food and beverages.

High Cube

Utilise high-cube containers for storage, pop-up shops and offices. With an extra foot of height, these 20ft or 40ft units can easily store extra tall equipment.

Side Opening Containers

Side opening containers are useful for transporting heavy and bulky goods and allow for easier loading and unloading. Side opening containers are the most flexible type of container we have available, with side door configurations allowing for easy access.

Double Ended Door Units

Multi-purpose double-ended door units are designed for on-site storage and transportation. A door at each end allows for easy access to your goods from either end, eliminating the need to unload the entire container.

Dangerous Goods Storage

If you are transporting or storing hazardous items, our dangerous goods storage containers will ensure a safe containment of your cargo. Safely store and transport flammable items such as gas bottles, fertilisers, petroleum and paint thinners.

Open Top Containers

Simplify transporting and storing heavy machinery and equipment with open-top containers. The removable tarpaulin roof is secured by roof bows to protect your cargo from the elements. Our open top models feature end doors to provide further flexibility for unloading cargo.

Insulated Containers

Our insulated shipping containers for sale are wind and water-resistant, and are ideal for transporting goods which need to be kept at a consistent ambient temperature.

Flat Racks or Bases

Flat-rack containers have reinforced floors for carrying heavy loads such as machinery or vehicles. These containers have no roof and are available with two rigid or collapsible ends.

Along with an array of shipping containers for sale, we offer affordable and practical, short and long-term leasing plans. We can supply all sizes of containers across our national network of depots, from as little as $3.00+GST per day plus additional transport costs.

10 Foot Containers

Our 10ft shipping containers for sale (standard height) are an affordable, practical solution for commercial or domestic, small to medium-sized storage. Easily transport cargo or use for conversion projects. All container dimensions are approximates only – please only use as a guide.

10ft Container Dimensions

20 Foot Containers

20ft containers are the industry standard size for intermodal transportation. Move equipment cross-country and globally, store household items, or create a temporary office on site.  Dimensions below are based on standard height containers only.

20ft Container Dimensions

40 Foot Containers

A 40ft container suits a wide variety of purposes, including conversion projects, transport and storage of farming equipment, cargo and vehicles.  Below are the dimensions for the 40’ high cube container which is the most common.

40ft Container Dimensions

Our weather-tight containers are stronger and more portable than conventional storage units. Enjoy more space for your money with hire prices starting at $3.00+GST a day. Keep your container for as long as your budget requires with our lease plans.

Responding to high demand, we offer affordable set long-term and short-term leases for new and used containers. We also buy back used containers from locations that are accessible from our depots – contact our sales team for information about our buy-back service here.

Request a call back or email our sales team at today to learn about our latest shipping containers sale prices and confirm delivery rates. Final transport costs vary by region – fill our short form to get a free, no-obligation quote for your project.


We excel in moving containers. Our extensive transport network allows us to efficiently deliver our container sales NZ-wide by road, sea, or rail. Irrelevant of whether you hired or purchased your container from us, our team is happy to help with your container relocation.  Speak to Scott on 0508 732-266 or email

View shipping containers for sale NZ-wide at one of our 34 depots located across the country. Contact one of our regional Sales Managers to arrange a container viewing.

Auckland Depot

Discuss prices to buy a shipping container with our Auckland Regional Manager, Odin, on-site or at your workplace or home. Call him on 021 026 31676 or email Odin can also help to arrange a viewing of our containers at the Auckland depot.

Hamilton Depot

If you’re on the hunt for a quality new or used container in Hamilton contact Nigel on 027 2420 604 or Our depot is based at NZL Group Transport, 745 Te Rapa Road, Te Rapa, Hamilton.

Tauranga Depot

Our Tauranga depot is located at our head office – SEA Containers NZ, 124 Hewletts Road, Mt Maunganui. For container sales or to view our units, contact Richard on 027 520-2266 or

Wellington Depot

Our Wellington depot is located at LT Transport, 142 Hutt Park Road, Shed C, Gracefield, Wellington. Contact Dean on 027 248 3756 or email to view our containers and discuss container sales and leasing options.

Christchurch Depot

Buy shipping containers or confirm relocation options in Christchurch and throughout the South Island, phone John Bowen at 027 642-5737 or email

Dunedin Depot

For containers to hire or buy in the lower South Island region, contact Nick Moore on 027 433-2479 or email


What is the best shipping container to buy?

To determine the best container to buy, consider the following:

  • Is the container to be used for shipping, storage or conversion?
  • How much internal space and head-room do you need?
  • Are you looking for a new or second-hand container?

Shop with us to find a shipping container for sale in NZ with the best dimensions and condition to match your project requirements and budget. Contact our friendly staff and let us help you find a container to match your purpose.

Should I lease or buy a container?

Hiring a container is ideal for short-term applications such as shipping and temporary storage. Buying a container is a good idea for long-term arrangements. If you decide later that you no longer require the container, you can re-sell and recoup your investment.

What is the life expectancy of a shipping container?

The life of a shipping container depends on its usage and environment. A-grade containers should last for 15 years or longer, if taken care of properly.

Should I buy a new or used container?

Purchasing a new container means you will have a unit with minimal to no dents or scratches. Choose a new container to convert into pop-up stores, restaurants, and accommodation. Utilise second-hand containers for on-site temporary offices, transportable toilet facilities and food trucks or barricades at outdoor events.

How much do containers cost to buy?

Shipping container cost depends on its grade, your location and any associated transport charges. To obtain an obligation-free quote, email our sales team at

How much do containers cost to hire?

We offer affordable short and long-term options for container hire. Prices start from as low as $3.00+GST per day plus transport, if applicable. To discuss shipping container prices in NZ, contact our sales department via email or request a call back.

Can you deliver the container?

Here at SEA Containers NZ we commonly transport shipping containers to sites utilising either a side-loading swinglift or HIAB crane truck. Our strategically located depots all over New Zealand allow us to quickly and efficiently deliver to your home or worksite.

Are shipping containers waterproof?

We guarantee all our containers are 100% wind and water-tight, unless stated elsewhere that they are in ‘as-is’ condition.

Can I use a shipping container as a shed?

Yes! We can help you customise your new or used container with personal access doors, windows, shelving, lights, ventilation and more.

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