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Sea Containers - Google Reviews - 4.9

Shipping Container Sales,
Hire & Modifications

 Visit our online shop – – There may be delays to products shipped to Auckland

Shipping Containers throughout New Zealand

We specialise in shipping container sales, hire, modifications and relocations. We offer an extensive range of shipping containers of all sizes, including both new and used units.

Our range of containers are strategically positioned nationwide, so we can quickly offer you the best solution for your storage requirements. SEA Containers has also teamed up with some of the local freight forwarding and container transporters in the Pacific Islands supplying shipping containers to the Cook Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Tahiti and Pago Pago.

SEA Containers NZ are proud to be card partners with Farmlands and offer various promotions throughout the year, Look out for details of the latest promotion and Farmlands Card Discount.

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