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How To Secure Your Shipping Container: Container Lock Box and Padlocks

To keep your items safe and prevent someone breaking in and gaining access to your equipment, you need to properly secure your shipping container door with a lockbox or padlock. Read on to find out what your options are. 

Types of Container Locks Systems

Secure your containers with a shipping container lockbox, shipping container padlock, or a padlock and bolt combination lock.

Lock Box

A shipping container lock box is a steel box that goes around a padlock and is welded onto your container, providing extra security. Shipping container lock boxes are tough to break, so they’re an excellent way to keep your items safe.


A standard padlock may not fit inside a lock box, which is why you should purchase a steel shipping container padlock. However, since padlocks can be easy to break with bolt cutters, it’s a good idea to add a lock box to your container padlock.

Padlock and Bolt on Lock Combo

A bolt-on lock is made of steel and protects your padlock from break-ins and wet weather. Bolts are very resistant to tampering, making them an excellent option for added security.

Container Security Alarms

In addition to using a lockbox, a security alarm is a great way to protect your belongings. An alarm will alert you of possible breaches and may deter criminals from trying to break in.

Tips when securing a shipping container

For extra protection, you may wish to add perimeter fencing, sensor lighting, and video surveillance. If you’re stacking containers, consider securing them with a twist lock in addition to using a lockbox for each one.

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