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10 Innovative Shipping Containers Uses

Typically known for their durability and portability, shipping containers are now being used for a range of purposes in addition to transporting goods in the shipping industry. Keep reading to learn about creative ideas for shipping container uses.

1. Housing

A storage container can be converted into student housing, above ground swimming pools, or self-contained tiny homes, complete with doors, electricity, plumbing, and solar panels.

2. Schools and Classrooms

There are many benefits to using shipping containers as school structures or extra storage. A shipping container can withstand harsh weather conditions and offers great value for money.

3. Workshops and Studios

Whether you love DIY projects, creating upcycled furniture, or pottery, you can use shipping containers to create a temporary studio structure. Just add lighting and shelving along the walls for tools.

4. Mobile Art Galleries

Transport your mobile art gallery to various locations with brand new or recycled shipping containers. 

5. Hotels

Hotels can find many creative uses for a shipping container, like creating a poolside cabana, coffee stand, or trendy hotel room.

6. Office Spaces

There are many innovative ways of converting shipping containers into company offices or stacked storage units. 

7. Pop Up Shops and Retail Stores

Shipping containers can be used as a compact retail building or a pop-up store space. 

8. Food Trucks

Using shipping containers for portable eateries is a popular trend in many countries.

9. Cafes and Restaurants

Another innovative trend is using cargo containers as economical buildings for coffee bars and restaurants. 

10. Emergency Hospitals and Disaster Shelters

Used containers can function as purpose-built shelters to assist victims of natural calamities and for the transportation of supplies.

Have an idea to create a shipping container space? Shop our range of new and used shipping containers today, or contact us to arrange shipment to have your container transported to your location.