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Where to Buy Used Shipping Containers in NZ

The demand for shipping containers in New Zealand has significantly increased, driven by their versatility in providing solutions for storage, transport, and innovative spaces such as pop-up shops and office spaces. Whether you’re looking for used or new containers, understanding where to buy can make all the difference. This guide explores the best places to buy a specialised or standard container in NZ, alongside additional tips for a successful purchase.

Specialised shipping container suppliers

One of the first places to consider is specialised suppliers such as SEA Containers. These specialised companies sell a wide variety of container types for transporting cargo and extra storage. From high cube containers to open-top and flat-rack variations to simple general-purpose containers, you can find the exact container for your needs. There are even containers available specifically for temperature-regulated and dangerous goods. The advantage of buying from a specialised supplier includes access to a steady supply of different container grades, customisation options, and comprehensive customer service.

Freight companies

Freight companies, often involved in delivering goods nationally and internationally, also have shipping container sales. While freight companies generally offer water-tight containers in a good state for transport, the stock might be limited, and the containers could have undergone significant wear and tear from the environment, such as wind or water damage. They may require repairs or modifications, increasing the overall price. 

Online marketplaces

Exploring online marketplaces is another excellent method to find shipping containers for sale. Platforms such as Trade Me offer listings for both new and second-hand containers, allowing customers to browse a wide selection of options. The benefit of using an online marketplace site includes competitive pricing and a wide selection. However, the main disadvantage lies in the difficulty of verifying the container’s condition before purchase, potential misrepresentations by sellers, and the logistics of arranging inspection and delivery.

Auction houses

Auction houses occasionally list used shipping containers, presenting an opportunity to purchase at potentially lower prices. These venues are suited for those with a flexible budget and the patience to wait for the right deal. The advantage of auction houses is the possibility of finding a bargain. However, similar to online marketplaces, the risks include unpredictable availability and limited ability to thoroughly inspect the container beforehand.

Additional tips for a successful purchase

When looking to buy a shipping container, there are several additional factors to consider:

  • Set a budget: Size, grade, and condition will affect the price of your container. Specialised container types, such as high-cube or side-opening, will also differ in cost. Determine your budget early in the process to guide your search and negotiations.
  • Ask questions: Contact your supplier about the container’s age and history, especially if considering second-hand containers. Understanding its past use can help assess its suitability for your needs.
  • Get everything in writing clearly: Ensure all details regarding the sale, including conditions, delivery costs, and any warranties, are documented.
  • Delivery: Consider how your container will be delivered to your space. You will likely need to hire another moving company to provide shipment. Choose a specialised container company like SEA Containers.

Purchasing a shipping container offers a flexible solution for a range of needs, from transporting goods to creating innovative spaces. By considering specialised suppliers, freight companies, online marketplaces, and auction houses, you can find the best option to suit your budget and requirements. 

If you’re interested in exploring an extensive range of shipping containers, talk to SEA Containers. With over 40 container depots across key locations in New Zealand, such as Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth, and Christchurch, we offer both new and used units catering to all sorts of needs. Contact us today to discover how we can assist with your next project.