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Shipping Container vs Shed – What’s Best?

When it comes to adding extra room to your location, the debate between opting for a shipping container or a traditional shed is more relevant than ever. In New Zealand, homeowners increasingly seek cost-effective, durable, and flexible solutions for storage, workshops, or even as an extension of their living area. Here, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of both options to help you decide on your backyard addition.

Durability of steel vs. wood sheds

You can’t beat the tough steel walls of a container shed in durability and waterproofing. Designed to withstand harsh conditions at sea, shipping containers offer unparalleled protection against wind, rain, and pests. Their Corten weathering steel structure and safe payload rating make them virtually indestructible compared to vulnerable wooden garden sheds. However, you must consider local building codes, as modifications might affect the container’s inherent strengths.

Flexibility to unleash your imagination

Traditional and container sheds both offer a wide range of possibilities for customisation. Thanks to their wide open space and the ability to stack them for multi-level construction, you can transform shipping containers into anything, from a simple storage space to an elaborate repair shop or home office. Sheds, on the other hand, can be tailored from the ground up. They allow for more traditional customisation regarding doors, windows, and roof designs. The choice here depends on your preference for an industrial chic or charming cottage aesthetic.

Price of installation

The price of a shipping container vs. a new shed can vary widely depending on size, condition, and customisation level. Initially, wooden sheds may appear as a more cost-effective solution with a lower upfront price. However, their lifespan is generally shorter than a container shed, and their maintenance fees may be higher due to the lack of durability and weatherproofing of a metal shed.

Sustainability & eco-consciousness

When it comes to sustainability, repurposed shipping containers take the lead. By choosing a used container, you’re contributing to reducing the demand for new materials. To make your container more functional as a shed, you can add doors for access and modify the floor, roof, and walls for insulation. You could even add lighting or plumbing for sinks.

While wooden sheds can be made from renewable resources, the eco-award goes to containers for their repurposing potential and minimal environmental footprint.

Unexpected perks

Beyond the basics, both options come with their unique perks. Shipping containers offer industry-grade strength and the ability to create a safe, weatherproof space that can be locked up tight. They can even be temporarily stacked with twist locks or permanently welded together for complete security, offering more opportunities for innovative uses. More extensive developments will require going through the building consent process to obtain the necessary permits.

Wooden sheds provide a more traditional charm, blending into a garden setting and offering a space to store equipment and tools. Their hospitality means they are not just suitable for storage but can also function as a cosy area for your workshop or hobbies. 

The choice between the two could depend on whether you value the container’s versatility and robustness or the shed’s aesthetic and traditional appeal.

Choosing the best backyard storage solution – Shed vs shipping container

Deciding between a shipping container and a shed for your backyard storage means assessing your needs, preferences, and local regulations. Putting a shipping container on your site may be the best idea if you’re looking for a durable, secure, and eco-friendly option with lots of flexibility. For those who prefer a traditional look, with the potential for customisation and lower initial costs, building a shed could be the way to go.

At SEA Containers, we specialise in shipping container sales, rent, modifications, and transport. Offering an extensive range of containers of all sizes, we can help you find the perfect solution for your backyard project, whether you want to store gardening equipment and spare furniture, build another room on your property, or look into other options to enhance your home.

Whether you install a shipping container for its rugged utility or a storage shed with traditional charm, you must keep your belongings stored safely and soundly. Contact SEA Containers today for more information on how we can help you design your backyard garage alternative.