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Cost-effective Self-Storage Solutions in Christchurch

Shipping Containers as Self Storage in Christchurch

No room left in the house and need more affordable storage unit alternatives? Instead of putting your household contents in a storage facility, consider using shipping containers as self-storage in Christchurch. With SEA Containers, you can enjoy the affordability, security, durability, flexibility, convenience, and customisation options self-storage units have to offer.

Why choose container storage


Compared to storage units in traditional storage facilities, shipping containers offer a more affordable storage solution to secure your belongings. With SEA Containers, you can find the best deal on both new and used units in Christchurch.


Access a range of unit sizes to suit your storage requirements. Whether you need a small container for personal items or a larger one for business storage, SEA Containers has you covered. Plus, the modular nature of shipping containers allows for easy expansion as your storage needs grow.


Rest easy, knowing that your valuables are fully secure in weatherproof steel containers. We also offer additional security options, such as lockboxes and heavy-duty padlocks, for added peace of mind.


Make your storage site truly your own by customising your container. Add shelves or lighting, or even paint the container. SEA Containers offers professional modifications to meet your specific needs.


Steel containers are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure the longevity of your stored items. With their solid construction, shipping containers provide a reliable storage solution that will last well into the future.

Convenient and comprehensive services

We offer additional services to ensure a seamless self-storage experience. These include container delivery and placement on your site, allowing convenient, easy access. We also provide modifications to tailor the container to your specific storage requirements, whether for short-term storage or long-term solutions.

Expanded services for large items storage

We know how important it is to secure large items, so we have specialised units for cars, boats, and other vehicles. With ample space, strong security, and easy loading and unloading options, we ensure your prized possessions are safely stored.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need any permits to have a shipping container on my site for self-storage?

You may need to check with your local council regarding permits for container storage on your site. Our Christchurch team can provide guidance and support in the process.

What are the zoning regulations for container storage units in Christchurch?

Zoning regulations may vary depending on your location within Christchurch. It is advisable to consult with your local council to ensure compliance with any zoning restrictions.

Are there any safety or fire code requirements for using containers for storage?

Safety and fire code requirements may apply to container storage. Our team is knowledgeable about these regulations and can help ensure your container meets all necessary safety standards.

What sizes of shipping containers do you offer for self-storage?

SEA Containers offers a range of container sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft options. Our team can assist you in determining the size that is most convenient for your storage requirements, ensuring the right fit for your house or business.

How much does it cost to rent a shipping container for self-storage?

Pricing for renting a shipping container for self-storage can vary depending on factors such as container size, duration of rental, and additional modifications. Contact our team for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements.

What kind of insurance do I need for my belongings stored in a container?

For security, we recommend obtaining insurance coverage for your stored belongings. Speak to your insurance provider to find out what options are available to you.

Can I store items like hazardous materials or flammable liquids in the container?

We can provide specialised containers for storing and transporting dangerous goods in Christchurch and beyond. We have the expertise to guide you through compliance with safety regulations and ensure secure storage for hazardous materials.

Choose SEA Containers: Your go-to for secure self-storage solutions

Choose SEA Containers to access the best self-storage options in Christchurch. Our extensive range of shipping containers, affordable pricing options, and professional staff make us the best choice for secure and customisable Christchurch storage. Contact us today to discuss your storage requirements and check the availability of our units.