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Shipping Container Garages: How to Turn a Shipping Container into a Modern Garage or Carport

Creating a shipping container carport or garage offers a secure, cost-effective and sustainable solution for protecting your vehicle while promoting environmentally conscious living. The versatility, durability and strength of cargo containers make them ideal for repurposing. SEA Containers can help you turn a new or used container into your dream garage. 

Types of Shipping Containers: Which One is Right for Your Garage Conversion?

Choosing the right container involves understanding the different sizes and types available.

You’ll need to ensure you have enough room to comfortably park the intended number of vehicles and/or motorcycles. A standard-size single container may suit a single-car garage, while a larger unit or two shipping containers set side by side provides additional space for tool storage, a workshop or up to two cars.

Assess the container’s condition before purchasing it. Look for any signs of damage, surface rust or structural issues that may affect its suitability for conversion. 



Shipping containers come in three standard sizes: 10ft, 20ft and 40ft. They are typically used for transportation, storage space, container house modification, pop-up restaurants and more.

High Cube

High cube storage containers come in 20ft and 40ft lengths. However, they offer more space than other containers, with an extra foot in height. 

The Essential Steps for Preparing Your Site for a Shipping Container Garage

Proper site preparation for your new garage is essential. Level the ground before laying a concrete slab foundation to provide a stable base and solid structural support. Obtain the necessary permits to ensure compliance with local regulations and avoid potential issues. 

Tips and Tricks for Modifying Your Shipping Container Garage

Shipping container modification expands your garage’s functionality and comfort. Consider having garage doors, windows, ventilation and insulation installed. Talk to the team at SEA Containers about modification options for container buildings.

Adding the Final Touches to Your Container Garage

Paint the container to enhance its appearance or match your home’s aesthetic. Install lighting for visibility and functionality, while security measures like locking mechanisms safeguard your valuable belongings. 

If you need one container or multiple containers, look no further than SEA Containers. Visit our website today to explore our range of new and used containers. We have years of expertise in modifications and a wide range of durable container garage options. Contact our team to purchase or hire your own shipping container garage and bring your dream floor plan to life.