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7 Reasons Why a Shipping Container Pool is Perfect for Your NZ Home

If you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your New Zealand home, a shipping container pool presents a unique and innovative option. These above-ground pools have been gaining popularity in NZ for their distinctive benefits, offering a smart alternative to traditional concrete or fibreglass pools. Let’s delve into seven compelling reasons why you should install a shipping container pool on your property.


Traditional fibreglass in-ground pools often come with high installation and maintenance costs, involving extensive excavation and construction. In contrast, shipping container pools present a more budget-friendly option. Containers are readily available and can be transformed into pools at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new swimming pool. This approach not only saves money but also delivers a high-quality swimming experience.


Unlike a traditional pool, shipping container swimming pools boast a unique advantage – they’re portable. This feature is particularly useful if you might move homes in the future or if you’re living in a temporary or rented property. The ability to relocate the pool offers flexibility seldom seen in traditional pool designs. It’s also an ideal solution for smaller backyards, allowing homeowners to experiment with different locations for their shipping container pool.


Repurposing a shipping container into a pool is a step towards sustainability, a growing concern among NZ homeowners. This approach reduces the demand for new pool construction materials, giving a second life to existing resources. Moreover, these shipping containers can be fitted with energy-efficient pumps and features like solar heating, minimising their environmental impact. With steel coated to resist rust, they have a longer lifespan, making them a solid investment in the market.

Customisation and style

Shipping container pools are versatile, opening up a world of customisation options. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary style or a traditional aesthetic, there are plenty of choices for shipping container pool modifications. Possibilities include decking, built-in seating, lighting, or even a swim spa section. Plus, you can choose from a variety of swimming pool colours to suit your backyard.

Quick installation

One notable benefit of shipping container pools is how quickly you can install them. While traditional pools can take weeks to build, a shipping container pool can be installed much quicker. The pre-existing structure of the container significantly reduces preparation and modification time, allowing you to enjoy your swimming sooner. Remember to check your local New Zealand city council regulations for rules on building a shipping container pool.

Durability and maintenance

Steel shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions, making their materials incredibly durable. This durability translates into a shipping container pool that is robust and long-lasting. Maintenance for these pools is often simpler and less costly than traditional pools, adding to their appeal. The container’s ability to hold water without leakage shows just how strong it is as a swimming pool.

Space efficiency

For homes with limited outdoor area, a small shipping container makes a great small swimming pool, so you don’t have to compromise on your dream of having a swimming pool due to space constraints. And if you want to install a bigger pool, that’s also possible with the range of sizes that containers come in.   

Shipping container swimming pools offer several benefits for your New Zealand backyard, including affordability, portability, sustainability, customisation, quick installation, durability, and area efficiency. Explore the potential of building a shipping container pool with SEA Containers. Contact us today for more information and a range of other shipping container solutions.