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What's the Lifespan of a Shipping Container & How to Increase Its Longevity

A shipping container is a cost-effective and durable storage solution with many benefits. Read on to find out how to make sure your container stays in top shape for many years.

What Are Shipping Containers Made of? 

Shipping containers are made of weathering steel, which can withstand the harsh conditions of cargo ships. The average shipping container lifespan is 50 years for a new container or 15+ years for a used container.

Factors That Affect A Shipping Container Lifetime


How long shipping containers last depends on how well they’re looked after. To increase your container’s durability and make it last longer than the average lifespan, use the doors and moving parts as intended so they don’t wear out.

Environment and Location

To increase your shipping container’s lifetime, use a concrete pad block to level the corners and keep it off the damp ground at any temperature. Using strong blocks underneath with each corner casting on level ground prevents moisture buildup, container rain, and corrosion. Keep it well ventilated by regularly airing out your container. 


Regularly maintain your storage container accessories like locks, roller doors, and windows to ensure your shipping containers last for many years.

Regular Maintenance

The best way to extend your shipping container’s lifespan, is to remain proactive. Inspect and clean the roof regularly to prevent excess moisture buildup. If you notice rust patches, use a mild bleach, commercial wetting agent, or anti-mildew solution and water hose to release rust from the corten steel exterior and prevent further damage. Routinely patch up paint work, check the air duct lines for leaks and clean the condensation drain line and evaporator coil. 

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