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Your Handy Guide to Buying a 20ft Shipping Container in New Zealand

Whether you’re seeking a cost-effective storage solution, pondering an innovative home design, or envisioning a unique business space, a 20ft shipping container might be your answer. These adaptable structures once limited to transporting goods, now serve many purposes worldwide. So how do you go about purchasing a shipping container in New Zealand?

Choosing a supplier

Start your journey with a trustworthy supplier. New Zealand boasts several providers, but it’s crucial to select one offering high-quality containers at competitive prices. A reliable supplier will give recommendations for your specific requirements and budget. While there are many providers, SEA Containers has a strong reputation in the market.

Inspecting the container

Never compromise on a thorough inspection. Rust, damaged doors, or leaks can lower your container’s longevity. If you’re buying online, request comprehensive photographs or even a video walkthrough.


Arranging delivery

Transporting a bulky shipping container requires prior planning. While many suppliers offer delivery services, understanding potential transportation costs, required permits, and site preparation can save future headaches.

Customisation possibilities

A container’s adaptability is one of its prime attractions when modifying a shipping container. From adding insulation and ventilation systems to installing windows and sliding doors, the potential is vast. Some even add solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems, making them self-sustaining units.

Factors and uses to consider

Identifying your container’s primary use will guide your buying decisions. The range is extensive:

  • Storage space: Ideal for businesses or homeowners needing extra space.
  • Home or office: With creative modifications, these units transform into chic living or working areas.
  • Workshop or studio: Artists or hobbyists can find solitude in a dedicated space.
  • Pop-up shop or café: A trendy solution for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Shipping goods: Remember, they’re built for transport!

Environmental benefits

Instead of letting unused containers deteriorate in docks, give them a new life and reduce environmental impact. It’s a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious.

Local regulations and permits

Before jumping in, familiarise yourself with local regulations concerning shipping containers. Some areas may have restrictions on using them for construction or business. Ensure you’ve got the necessary permits to avoid legal complications.

Longevity and maintenance

While shipping containers are built to last, understanding their lifespan and potential maintenance can prevent surprises. With proper care, a container can serve your needs for decades.

Benefits of purchasing a shipping container

Beyond their adaptability, 20ft shipping containers are known for their durability, portability, and security. They offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional structures, whether for storage, housing, or business.

Ready to make a purchase?

As the demand for shipping containers grows, working with a trusted supplier is paramount. If you’re leaning towards this sustainable option, contact a reputable provider like SEA Containers. With a large range of container options and expert guidance, you’re bound to find the perfect fit.