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6 Creative Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs using a Shipping Container

Thursday, August 04, 2016

We live in an ever-changing world, new technology, new ways of thinking, new concepts, in which art, housing, companies have to adapt to the ever-changing conditions. The growing popularity of shipping containers used for all kinds of businesses highlights the fact.

Shipping containers are so versatile and ideal for just about anything, namely; coffee shops, to a mobile self-service beer unit. The innovative and creative ways of setting up shop on a temporary basis are appealing to retailers across the globe. The temporary nature of these stores makes products or services accessible to consumers, as you can move from location to location.

In consultation with a reputable company who can give you expert advice on modifying and retrofitting the shipping container, you can use it for just about any business. Here are some ideas of retail businesses suitable for container shops.

Coffee Shop/Bistro

Entrepreneurs with good business acumen are looking at other alternatives from the exorbitant retail rentals and opting for cost-efficient shipping containers to launch their fledgling businesses. You can realise your dream of having a coffee shop more quickly and provide your clientele with a quirky and fascinating space for your coffee shop/bistro for those discerning coffee and food lovers looking for something different.

Seasonal Kiosks

These kiosks are fully equipped retail stores that can be transported to another location overnight. They could offer seasonal items, like Halloween costumes or trinkets for the festive season and the holidays. Pop-up kiosks are also a grand way of repurposing existing storage units.

Mobile Art Gallery

The GAD art gallery in Norway is an example of how innovative and imaginative you can be when re-purposing a shipping container, modifying it to design a practical and attractive art space. Not only is the semi-temporary gallery mobile, but it is also dismantled, transported and re-assembled again in just a few days.


A craft beer firm in the UK runs their business out of a 40-foot container. They opted for a container as their brewery as they could use the existing unit instead of starting from scratch. It is practical, flexible and offers more leeway for expansion than a brick-and-mortar location.

Market Jewellery Stall

Do you like unconventional spaces? Refurbishing a shipping container to house your valuable jewellery is a no brainer. It is durable and gives you added security. You also have the option to rent a container instead of owning one. You can customise and retrofit it to produce a beautiful space suited to your requirements.

Gardening Shop

Container shops are ideal for gardens stores like the one created above a car park in Melbourne, Australia. The car park, in the heart of the city, was transformed into an urban vegetable garden. The container shop has gardening supplies and equipment for the convenience of members. Do you dream of opening your own business, but the initial cost is astronomical? A shipping container might be the ideal solution. Contact our team of experts for more information.

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