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Reasons why Shipping Containers are a Better Alternative to Traditional Modular Structures

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Shipping containers are recycled and used in various innovative ways. Recycled shipping containers have transformed from the simple, durable box to creative designs. Are you contemplating as to whether shipping containers are a viable option in comparison to traditional modular buildings? Listed below are reasons why shipping containers are a more feasible option.


Shipping containers are made out of corrugated steel that can withstand being hauled onto ships and transported all over the world. It is unbelievably difficult to break into, therefore the most secure working space in the market.


Shipping containers have a lifespan of about 25 years on average and is still salvageable afterwards. It is highly unlikely that you possess a capital asset that has longevity and is still functional in 25 years time. The bonus is that it is relatively easy to maintain.

3.Weather-proof, Water-tight and Vermin proof

Storage containers constructed to ISO standards are designed to withstand severe weather conditions to safeguard valuable cargo they transport across the oceans. If you are looking for a durable structure, that can withstand the elements and keep rodents at bay; container structures will do the job.

4.Suitable Logistically

Due to developments in the use of intelligent logistics, shipping containers are inherently advantageous to clients. They are designed to be easily transportable via rail, truck, air or sea. Manufacturers are also incorporated logistics handling aspects in container design. In so doing, these durable structures are accessible to haul, shift and stack.

5.Constructed to dispatch

Expediting freight is the norm in the modular construction business and lasting; steel shipping containers provide several distinctive advantages in comparison to traditional modular structures. Here are a few examples:,

•Temporary, compact structures that are mobile

•Relatively easy and quick to install with no particular stairs, ramps, or skirting as they are positioned at ground level

•Uncomplicated and rapid turnkey electrical and plumbing connected onsite.

•Fitted foundations, therefore, no pre-installation or advance work is needed.


Shipping containers are designed and engineered to cart heavy loads and stacked in towering columns. They have standard height and length measurements, therefore, offer modular elements. If you have limited space, they are an ideal solution for a compact footprint.


At SEA Containers NZ we work in collaboration with a committed team who specialise in modifying and customising containers. We merged our talents and combined have considerable engineering and fabrication skills that allow us to offer a nearly limitless range of shipping container modifications and container solutions. We are also able to modify and convert containers for specified uses, namely;

•Hazardous/Dangerous Goods storage units

•Static or Mobile Workshops

•Site offices

•Retail kiosks/outlets

•Accommodation units and more.

Bear in mind that we will go over and above the norm and tailor-make it to your requirements. Whether, it is a slight modification, or complete customisation. We will partner with our devoted team of engineers and designers to cater to your specific needs.

For more information about Container Modifications, contact our team of experts.

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