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SEA Containers new office

Monday, August 07, 2017

SEA Containers has recently moved into our very own modified shipping container on 124 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui.

Here at SEAContainers we specialise in shipping container sales, hire and modifications. We offer a various range of units of all sizes, including both new and used ones. Come see us in our new location to talk anything shipping container related in New Zealand or check out our website for further information.

Pop in and see us to talk about anything container related, we will even make you a coffee.




Modifying Shipping Containers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One of the world’s ‘strongest boxes’, ticks all the right boxes. Shipping containers are ideal for modifying to almost a limitless number of alternative uses. In keeping with New Zealand’s ‘clean, green’ initiatives, these steel structures transformed into top quality, eco-friendly accommodation, storage, workspace, bach, etc. is well worth considering.

We at SEA Containers collaborate with our devoted team of specialists in combining our expertise by means of:

  • Expert knowledge of containers and extensive engineering experience
  • Experience and specialists in structural safety and modification of containers.
  • Rigorous examination to fortify the project as per required specifications.
  • Excellent customer service and top-notch craftsmanship.

Whether you need to convert a modified container into a DG storage unit, a kiosk/retail outlet, accommodation units, we have the know-how and facilities to cater to your every whim, well almost. The possibilities are endless.

We take pride in working alongside you and being involved every step of the way. Ensuring that your project is of a high standard, practical and environmentally friendly. Here are a few examples:

Mobile Workshop

Shipping containers are the perfect solution for those requiring a transportable workshop. They are particularly effective when you need to service clients in remote areas. You can transform the interior, retrofitting it so that is fully operational. Additional shelving, tool cabinets specially designed to keep tools secure and in place while moving from location to location.

It is a no brainer converting a shipping container into a mobile workshop; it is movable, it can endure harsh weather and is adaptable to your surroundings. It does not require the laborious task of setting up. Instead, it can be used immediately upon your arrival. Therefore, ideal for mobile entrepreneurs.

Dangerous/Hazardous Goods Storage Unit

Are you looking for solutions to control hazardous substances? Look no further. SEA Containers offers ultrasecure, DG container options to manage agrichemicals, hazardous and toxic substances. We will endeavour to design and construct a storage container that not only meets your needs but complies and upholds HSNO regulations.

A few specifications for converted DG storage units:

  • Bunded floors for containment of substances.
  • Ventilation both top and bottom, minimising toxic fumes.
  • Pre-fitted with internal shelving/cabinets for DG goods.
  • Side-opening door (optional).

Kiosks/Retail Outlets

The versatility, robust nature, as well as cost-effectiveness of a container makes it a sought after solution to the retail industry. Pop-up stores, cafes, kiosks have become a global trend. The potential of these steel boxes is far reaching; a typical example is the Pop-up Mall in Christchurch following the devastating earthquake. Below are a couple more reasons:

  • Cost – Shipping containers are less costly to set-up and construct.
  • Event Kiosks – they are transportable and ideal for sporting events, concerts, etc.

On-Site Offices

Shipping Containers are perfect for site offices. They are easily hauled to your construction site or workplace. They are robust, secure and durable to withstand the elements. It is worth considering these steel boxes;

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is easily transportable
  • It is easy to set-up and construct

Do you need a container for a project? Contact our friendly team or fill out our quick quote form.








Kia Ora Magazine - August 2016 article

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Following on from the success of the company in being awarded a top-10 finish in Deloitte's Fast 50 awards, the BNZ has showcased SEA Containers NZ in a article destined for Kia Ora Magazine which is distributed on all Air New Zealand flights.  This last 12 months we have felt very honoured to have the support of both the likes of the BNZ and Deloitte's, and proves that we are the shakers and the movers of the Shipping Container industry


5 Reasons to Choose Modified Containers for Temporary Workforce Housing

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are you looking for the ideal solution for remote workforce housing challenges or temporary on-site housing? Shipping container modifications might be the answer to your problem. Irrespective of the term you use, workforce housing, temporary housing, emergency housing, man camps, they are essential to maximise a well-oiled system.

As opposed to traditional workforce accommodation, modified shipping containers are cost-effective including many other benefits, as follows:

  • 1. Ideal for almost any workforce living space application.

At Sea Containers NZ, we collaborate with a committed team who specialise in customising and modifying containers. Our combined expertise enables us to offer an infinite range of shipping container solutions to modifications. Container accommodation is suitable for:

  • Construction site accommodation
  • Work camps and oilfields
  • Disaster relief shelter, medical quarters and emergency management housing.
  • Border patrol housing
  • Military training facilities and housing
  • Practically any remote living situation

The possibilities are endless. Container modification is not restricted to bedroom facilities but can also provide full work camp solutions including:

  • Dining /cafeteria complex
  • Administration offices
  • Recreation facilities
  • Room with Lockers
  • Laundry facilities
  • Medical complex
  • Temporary holding facilities
  • 2.Strong and requires minimal maintenance

Shipping containers constructed of robust corten steel, are built to last. The consensus is that the lifespan of a new shipping container is approximately 25 years. It will most likely last longer than the traditional modular units.

They are durable and maintained without much effort. You can design the interior and have all the modern features and quality fixtures in the interior of workforce housing.

  • 3.Stackable and Portable

Shipping containers were designed to transport cargo efficiently by truck, train, plane or ship. Containers are practical in remote areas as they are easily transportable.

Being stackable shipping containers are intrinsically more advantageous than traditional modular buildings. When space is limited, there’s no reason why your work camp can’t be two or more stories high, to accommodate a large workforce.

  • 4.Flexibility in modification

Do you need a shipping container tailored to your specific needs? Containers can be completely modified and designed for the comfort and convenience of your workforce. Here is a list of facilities your accommodation comes furnished with.

  • Wiring for telecommunications
  • Electricity and Lighting
  • Temperature control ( air-conditioning and heating)
  • Insulation of ceilings and walls
  • Secure and heavy-duty personnel doors and windows
  • 5.Easy and Quick to Install

You can have the shipping container buildings fabricated off site and save you the agony of getting in a large workforce to do the installation and the risk it carries in the case of a military operation. Once the container housing units arrive on site, installation is a walk in the park. A foundation is not necessary, all you need is a flat surface and some preparation for the installation. The plumbing and electricity are easily connected and ready for immediate use.

Do you need a shipping container modification? We are here to assist you. Fill in our quick quote form or speak to our team of experts.












Shipping Containers – Great to Use as Portable Workshops

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Are you a handyman or woman? Do you the lack the space to work on projects? Maybe you do art and crafts and need a unique space to work? Your garage crammed with stored goods?  Possibly a tradesperson who needs a mobile workshop? Whatever your requirements, a modified shipping container could be the ideal solution!

Shipping containers are durable, versatile and portable. They are therefore perfect as a static or mobile workshop. At SEA Containers, we specialise in modifying shipping containers into mobile studios to suit individual needs. These workshops are designed and constructed so that they can be transported efficiently to your home or worksite. You can customise the container workshop, by designing it to neatly store tools and equipment. An insulated and air-conditioned studio is a cost efficient solution. It is easily transportable and can be installed with desired modifications such as plumbing, electricity, shelving, racks and so forth.

The quintessential Kiwi tradesperson will benefit from a portable workshop. Engineers, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, as well as artists, sculptors, painters can have a convenient and reliable place to operate a business or craft without having to load and unload heavy tools and equipment. If you should decide that the container workshop is surplus to your requirements or you need to move it to another location, it is the perfect solution.

Sturdy corrugated construction

Sturdy, weighing about two tons, these containers have been hauled across the globe for many years and are designed to withstand severe weather conditions. A shipping container workshop is a perfect fit. Whether you are a small business owner, a big corporation or a home-business portable container workshops are customisable.

Our A Grade (as-new condition containers)

Comes directly from manufacturer having made one trip from China carrying cargo to New Zealand

Well ventilated


8’, 10’ or any length you require, such as 14' or even 30' in length

Wind and water resistant

Secure, fitted with locks

Constructed with marine plywood floor

Containers graded in three ways; A – C

Have your container workshop custom built

We at SEA Containers NZ, liaise with specialists committed to customising and modifying shipping containers to your particular needs. Our combined expertise and experienced engineers and fabricators can tailor your workshop to your specific requirements. We are up to the challenge if your modifications are unique.

Additions include

Windows and shutters

Roller doors for convenient and regular access

Personal access door

Steel workbenches and shelving to your specifications

Power installation including power and lighting points

Whirly birds/ container ventilation systems

Ramps for forklifts and trolleys

Installation of lock boxes on containers doors for extra security

There are so many possibilities when designing and modifying your container workshop. The specificity of your design is dependent on your budget, your inventiveness and your particular needs.  Our specialist's fabricators and engineers can liaise with you, and together you can find the best possible solution to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on designing and customising a portable workshop do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts.


5 Innovative Ways of Using a Shipping Container

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When you think about a shipping container, a modern house or a coffee cart are not the first uses to come to mind! Shipping containers are no longer solely used for their intended purpose of storing and shipping goods, but rather some out-of-the-box thinkers have taken these corrugated steel boxes and created new and innovative ways to use them.

Innovative ways of using shipping container

Modern society calls for enlightened and exciting approaches towards old ideas and objects and a shipping container’s structure and durability offers endless possibilities. 

1.     Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers are being turned into amazing luxury homes that could challenge any studio apartment. The evidence is just a google search away; as are the results.  Beautiful and unique homes are being made from durable and relatively inexpensive container structures. These shipping container homes range from add on guest rooms to three bedroom houses, and even student housing. Keetwonwen is one such shipping container city in Amsterdam that has been constructed which now acts as the second most popular student housing in this busy city.

2.     Coffee Shop

A shipping container can also be converted into a functional, portable coffee cart that can be driven to any location or food market. It can also act a standing coffee shop such as the trendy Chaiwella & co container café. The Malaysian café owners used two containers and refurbished then to create the famous, vintage styled café.

3.     Shipping Container Mall

Malls constructed almost entirely from shipping containers are becoming increasingly more popular. The ReStart mall created after the earthquakes that devastated Christchurch is a vibrant and growing shipping container mall consisting of premium fashion retailers and food caravans. Similarly the concept of a shipping container mall can be found all over the world, like the Boxpark mall in London and Amsterdam, as well as the SuperPier Shopping Container Complex currently under development in New York City.

4.     Sauna Box

Castor Design has created a self-sufficient, outdoor sauna, made within shipping containers. It is a luxury wood burning sauna that can be installed in any backyard for private self-pampering and can be easily relocated. They are built into 8ft mini containers and the use of durable materials empowers them to withstand adverse weather conditions. Each unit is unique and custom built to suit each buyer.

5.     Swimming Pool

The size, length and depth of a shipping container is perfect to create a sleek and modern backyard swimming pool. Containers can be easily waterproofed and fitted to give you the ideal above-ground swimming pool that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Each pool can be styled and designed in a way that is unique to the customer’s needs, whether that be the addition of wooden steps surrounding the container or submarine windows along the length.

The durability and adaptability of a shipping container means that the possible uses are endless, and as long as there are innovative thinkers, there will always be innovative ways to use these corrugated steel boxes.

Please contact us to discuss modifying a shipping container to suit your own needs.    

Interesting and Unknown Facts about Shipping Containers

Monday, January 11, 2016
Mankind has shipped goods across the oceans for many thousands of years. However, shipping remains an invisible industry to many of us. It is remarkable that our livelihood depends on it. About 90% of trade conducted globally is carried out by the international shipping industry.  It enables goods to be imported and exported at competitive and reasonable price rates.  Listed below are interesting but not widely known facts about shipping containers.

1. Shipping is the ‘greenest’ method of transportation, as mentioned in the Maersk stories; “a container on our Maersk Triple-E line” since it releases only 3g of Co2 per container versus an airplane which emits around 560g of Co2 per ton.

2. Shipping was re-invented by Malcolm Mclean in the early 1950’s. The construction of the shipping containers by use of metal was to replace the break-bulk method formerly used for transportation of the goods. He later founded the ‘Sea-Land Service’, which further augmented his business.

3. At present, there are over 17 million shipping containers globally, and five or six million are currently transported worldwide, on shipping vessels, trucks and trains. It is estimated that they make around 200 million trips a year in total.

4. New shipping containers are exported from China, it being the largest exporter of new shipping containers.

5. The lifespan of a container is over 20 years plus, on average, if it is well maintained.

6. The concept of Re-purposing or Re-deploying shipping containers as workspaces and homes is believed to conserve a lot of energy, which may otherwise have been expended on melting them for reuse as scrap.

7. Many cities, such as, London, Mumbai, to name a couple, use shipping containers as an easy and cost effective way of providing pre-fab housing. Re-purposed containers have also been effectively used in Berlin, for housing students, and, more recently for housing the asylum seekers. 

8. The process of containerisation has enabled, to bring down the cost of transportation (from Asia to Europe) of electronic goods such as a DVD player to just about 0.8%, and that of a typical TV set to about 1.4% of their final prices to the customer.

9. The biggest container ship in the world today is five times bigger than an Airbus A380. It can transport more than 16,000 containers on each journey.

10. Each container is allocated with its own unique unit number, which is referred to as a box number which can be used by the ships- captains, the crews, the cost guards, the dock supervisors, the customs officers and the warehouse- managers. The box number tells them about the owner of the container, and also about details of the client using the container for shipping their goods. It also helps them to keep a track of the whereabouts of the container during the course of its journey in the world.

If you have any queries, or if you happen to require any assistance when it comes to buying or hiring our shipping containers, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will always be glad to assist you round the clock. 

Upcycling of Shipping Containers

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

It has been estimated that there are over 17 million shipping containers in circulation worldwide, and only about one third of these are in active circulation.  Since these shipping containers typically see an active use of only about 20 years, and since they are a resource-intensive product, there is a growing trend to re-purpose (up-cycle) old used shipping containers.  In fact, old shipping containers have a shocking amount of potential applications, many of which are overlooked and typically depend on the creativity of the person using the containers.

Used shipping containers can be re-purposed in order to create a variety of interesting and modern-looking spaces, enclosures, and structures.  In general, these can be categorised into housing structures, yard/landscaping features, recreational applications, commercial applications, structural elements, and artistic designs.

There is already one cleverly designed housing development in London that is made almost purely out of old shipping containers.  These containers were arranged in such ways as to provide comfy lofts and even have built-in windows and staircases.  Other living-related applications include the building of new wings on houses.  Need an extra room in your house, but you’re limited to a tight budget?  Consider designing your new room from an old shipping container.

Even some food truck businesses are being replaced by “food shipping containers”, which are modified to have hinged walls that can be closed overnight but opened for business.  Shipping containers also have the benefit of being fire resistant.  If a grease fire starts in a food truck, at least the whole store won’t burn down.  The container is also usually much cheaper for the business owner than buying a large truck or trailer.

Among the more striking and creative uses of old shipping containers are landscaping applications like sun rooms, gardens, tool sheds, and pools.  A shipping container can have the sides removed and placed onto moving hinges in order to have pop-up walls that can be returned to regular position during bad weather but lowered on nice sunny days.  By simply digging a large hole and filling it with a container with a removed-top, you can have a very basic swimming pool—of course you’ll want to paint the inside white, or another light color.  This sure beats the normal cost of swimming pool installation.  You can even build a multi-use structure that has a tool shed inside, and a garden on top!  If space is limited in your yard, this can be an excellent solution.

The use of shipping containers for novel applications has two major benefits.  The first is the low cost of shipping containers, compared to traditional building materials.  Shipping containers provide the buyer with a pre-made structure that already has great strength and durability and does not require any construction (aside from modifications).  Secondly, there is a great benefit to the environment by using recycled containers, which require a large amount of mined iron and enormous industrial processing.  By using shipping containers for your next do-it-yourself home project, you are potentially saving money and helping the environment.

The Benefits of a Shipping Container Home

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

According to a recent article, New Zealand property prices are set to increase yet again! Even though it has been said that the housing bubble in Auckland (for example) could burst, this still has not happened.  Sadly due to an influx of foreign investors purchasing properties over the last few years, many prospective first-time home buyers can no longer afford the exorbitant real estate prices on offer.

Many of these prospective buyers are now looking at alternative housing solutions which include purchasing shipping containers and converting them into homes.

Using shipping containers to build homes has become a global phenomenon in fact. Just Google “shipping container homes” – select “images”, and you’ll immediately be wowed by the breathtaking container homes which have been built globally.

In Amsterdam for example, the Keetwonen complex built solely out of containers, now houses 1000 students. Each unit within this amazing complex has separate sleeping and studying rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and large windows.

A well designed shipping container home is bound to make heads turn, so let’s look at a few benefits which make this alternative housing option so appealing.

1. It’s Cost Effective

The affordability and cost effectiveness of a container home is definitely the number one factor that people take into consideration when exploring this option. Containers are reasonably cheap in comparison to the cost of building materials required to build a basic home.

2. Durable

The structural strength of containers enable them to withstand harsh conditions due to the fact that they are made out of Corten Steel. ( often referred to as weathering steel.) They are also able to withstand wind speeds of up to 281 km/h when anchored with pylons. Utilising these shipping containers as homes make them the perfect candidate to be used in many of the earthquake regions found in New Zealand.

 3. Modular

Yes you’ve read correctly, these shipping container units are modular and thus can be used in the same manner as Lego blocks! Containers can be added or taken away easily, allowing flexibility like never before.

 4. Short Construction Time

Once you have your design and all your building consents have been passed, the construction time is way shorter than building a home in the traditional manner.

 5. Environmentally Friendly

 If you decide on utilising second-hand containers instead of purchasing brand new ones, you’ll actually be making a valuable contribution to our environment.

Recycling the steel from a second-hand container in order to use it elsewhere requires a lot of energy.

 6. Personal Style Statement

Your container home is bound to raise eyebrows as you will not only be making a personal style statement, but you’ll also be perceived as an innovator when it comes to new home designs.


So if you’re considering buying or hiring new or used shipping containers, feel free to either fill out our online quotation form or call SEA Containers NZ at 0508 732266 and speak to one of our friendly team members.

From Tauranga to the Trenches - Mobile Exhibition part deuce

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The mobile exhibition continues its tour of The Bay of Plenty, with the next leg featuring A Marquette Angel which tells the story of Jeanne Sinclair who was aboard the Marquette when it was struck by a torpedo from a German submarine.

The exhibition is open to the public from October 20th until November 7th and will be initially sited at the Historic Village on 17th Avenue in Tauranga before moving on to other sites.

These containers are proving perfect examples of how SEA Containers can help maximise the impact of mobile exhibitions and retail outlets, and how they are very portable even with temporarily joining two containers together. 

Check out the article in the Bay of Plenty Times below


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