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SEA Containers and Sky City Great Waka Storage

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The team at SEA Containers was called upon by Naylor Love and the senior management of Sky City to project manage the safe transport and storage of a range of artefacts of cultural significance in order for the Atrium to be developed with the new Convention Centre being planned.

Shipping Container – Sky City Great Waka Storage

Partnering up with Shane Hegh HIAB's our task was to transport an 18 metre carved Waka to a safe and secure destination within Auckland.  Many man hours were required to plan the logistical side of this project due to the nature of it.  The Waka could only be moved after midnight, and had to be off the road by 6am due to its over dimensional measurements.

The Great Waka had to be dismantled into 3 pieces in order for it to fit through the Atrium doors.  With great care and a lot of nerves, the 3 pieces were stored in the Atrium for a few days until logistics were finalised. 

 The only way to safely manoeuvre the Waka pieces was to have special frames built on castor wheels in order to negotiate the doors, plus the Waka could be safely picked up by the HIAB without straining the carving which has significant cultural significance and is irreplaceable.

 Prior to the Waka leaving its home at Sky City, the SEA Containers team ensured proper protocol was followed with guidance and advice from Auckland iwi, Ngati Whatua. After a blessing from the iwi Kaumatua, Taiaha, the trucks departed for the storage warehouse.




SEA Containers NZ in Wheels on Deals magazine

Thursday, July 09, 2015

SEA Containers NZ was recently featured inside Deals on Wheels magazine (Pg 32-35, issue dated 25th May - 21st Jun 2015), predominantly showing how shipping containers can be sited in all settings and used for a range of ideas.  The team at HIAB transport have done a great job in positioning the container over and through vegetation.

Robin Thomas says that he is often "blown away" by the dedication HIAB drivers have to getting the deliveries made, no matter what the hurdles.

At SEA Containers NZ, we pride ourselves at working alongside a range of transport companies in getting the container anywhere that its required ... nationwide!

Have a look at our transport page under FAQ's on the website, to see which transport method suits your delivery.  Some great photos and videos included there giving a clear idea on clearance requirements.

SEA Containers NZ in Wheels on Deals magazine

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