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SEA Containers new office

Monday, August 07, 2017

SEA Containers has recently moved into our very own modified shipping container on 124 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui.

Here at SEAContainers we specialise in shipping container sales, hire and modifications. We offer a various range of units of all sizes, including both new and used ones. Come see us in our new location to talk anything shipping container related in New Zealand or check out our website for further information.

Pop in and see us to talk about anything container related, we will even make you a coffee.




Six Ways Containers are Being Used at Construction Sites

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The construction industry must take into account the health and well-being of on-site workers, from site administration to the successful conclusion of a project, including amenities on site. Construction companies might want to consider using shipping containers to house the facilities required on a construction site. Shipping containers are durable, versatile and transportable.

They are practically indestructible and are perfect for construction sites.  You can design and customise the room to your company’s particular needs.

Mobile Offices

There is a broad range of duties and skills required for a construction project irrespective of the size. Everyone involved in a project has to work together to evaluate, plan and submit tenders timeously. It is, therefore, essential that every construction site has offices. A site office has to be robust and secure enough to withstand the hazards of a construction site. It needs to be portable and be able to be erected and moved then and there.

Shipping containers constructed of sturdy steel can withstand severe weather conditions. They can be modified and include, air-conditioning, power, lighting, ventilation, to name but a few.

Lunch Rooms

An on-site lunch room should be a clean and inviting space, where workers can unwind and refresh during their breaks. It is essential that the chamber has appliances, such as a microwave and refrigerator. A sink for cleaning utensils as well as other extra features including adequate lighting, electricity, a hot water urn, table and chairs.

Change Rooms

On-site workers need a place where they can change into work clothing and space to store their personal items. A change room should be private and secure. Provision made for seating, lockers and coat holders are essential. They can also come with air-conditioning, lighting or any other requirements needed.


It is imperative that construction sites provide ablution facilities for their workers. The perfect solution is a portable chemical toilet. However,  it can be compact and uncomfortable to use. Portable toilets made from repurposed shipping containers come in varying sizes.

Electricity, lighting, hand basins, urinals. Partitions, hot water, soap dispensers, etc., should be included.


Shipping containers are perfect for storage. On the construction site, building materials and costly equipment need to be stored.  Shipping containers are super as they are durable, secure  and can come with locks for additional security. Customise it to suit your requirements. There are various container sizes from which to choose and can also be adapted to store chemicals and other hazardous substances.

First Aid Rooms

A construction site can be a high-risk environment. It is the building industry’s prerogative to ensure the safety of those walking near, or those walking under the site. It is necessary for a construction site to have an on-site facility available in the event of occupational injuries. The recommendation that workers themselves undergo first aid training is beneficial, as they tend to be vigilant. A first aid room equipped with all medical supplies and equipment fits inside a portable shipping container perfectly !

For more information contact our friendly team of experts at SEA Containers NZ or fill out our quick quote online form.




Hire a Shipping Container as your next Site Office

Monday, November 23, 2015

When a construction site office is needed, use a shipping container.

Shipping containers make ideal site offices. They can easily be transported to your building or construction site. They are versatile, secure and strong. If keeping within budget and time restraints is important to your project, then these steel boxes are worth considering.

Check out our previous work and container conversions here.

site office hire - shipping containersite office hire - shipping container
site office hire - shipping container

The strength and durability of a shipping container is due to the fact they are constructed for the purpose of carrying heavy loads across oceans worldwide and are able to resist harsh environments. COR – TEN or   Corten steel (commonly referred to as weathering steel) is used in the making of these metal boxes. This particular type of steel is also typically used in bridges and towers, chimneys, rail cars, and even outdoor sculptures.

The incredible versatility of shipping containers is frequently being explored by businesses globally. They are easily modified to include doors, windows, air conditioning, insulation, storage and shelving, kitchenettes and even toilets, basins and showers. This means that shipping containers can also be used for other purposes beyond site offices. These include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Press boxes
  • Emergency hurricane shelters for thoroughbred horses
  • Concession stands
  • Fire training facility
  • Military training facility
  • Emergency shelters
  • School buildings
  • Apartment and office buildings
  • Artists' studios
  • Stores
  • Moveable exhibition spaces
  • Bank vaults
  • Medical clinics
  • Radar stations
  • Sleeping rooms
  • Recording studios
  • Abstract art
  • Transportable factories
  • Experimental labs
  • Combatant temporary containment (ventilated)
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Workshops
  • Intermodal sealed storage on ships, trucks, and trains
  • House foundations on unstable seismic zones
  • Elevator/stairwell shafts
  • Construction trailers
  • Mine site accommodations
  • Food Trucks

One factor to keep in mind when considering  utilising  a shipping container on-site is that the foundation on which it needs to be placed has to be level. Proper planning as to where it will be placed will ensure stability and safety. Concrete slabs, concrete footings or wooden footings are popular foundations to use.

Look no further than SEA Containers NZ when you need to hire or purchase a shipping container for your next project. We are also able to customise your container with simple additions such as :

  • Roller Doors for easy and regular access
  • Personal Access Doors
  • Windows and Shutters
  • Steel workbenches and shelving built to your spec
  • Whirly birds / container ventilation systems
  • Power capability including lighting and power points
  • Lock boxes installed on container doors for added security
  • Ramps for forklifts / trolleys

We have container depots strategically positioned nationwide and have a transport network system that can help deliver the right container to you.

At SEA Containers NZ,  delivery of a container can generally be made within 24-48 hours (subject to payment and/or paperwork being completed) within the central metropolitan areas, while rural areas potentially could take a little longer.

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CRC Speedshow 2015 - Shipping Container Acoustics Barrier

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In July this year, SEA Containers NZ was asked to help support the team at the CRC Speedshow held at ASB Showgrounds.

Our containers were not only used for container storage for the teams, but also as a container site office for the track organisers.  Furthermore, we supplied 40' shipping containers to be used as container acoustic barriers halting the noise created by the fastest, finest and coolest new and classic motorcycles and cars from around the world and New Zealand.

Check out the fantastic cars at 

The SEA Containers team ( will see you there next year.

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