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Tips on Using a Shipping Container as Storage

Friday, June 03, 2016

‘The strongest box in the world,' the corten steel boxes you see dotted in ports all over the globe are repurposed into incredible container structures. There is a growing trend to use these superstructures and convert it into storage units. It is cost efficient, durable, transportable, can withstand severe weather conditions and is fire resistant. New Zealand is no exception, a surplus of used shipping containers are on offer and entices Kiwi businesses, schools and the public to opt for shipping containers as storage units.

Before you decide to purchase and convert a shipping container into a storage unit, there are a few tips worth considering, to ensure that your items are safe, undamaged, with minimal maintenance and in a good condition.

Overall Cost

The overall cost of using a recycled shipping container might be less than a concrete structure, a galvanised steel shed, or a wood frame storage unit. The materials needed to construct a timber frame unit, concrete structure, or shed may cost less, however, the cost of labour in New Zealand is high. Therefore, using a shipping container as a storage unit is a viable option.

Importance of having a foundation

A foundation for your shipping container is crucial for moisture control and structural durability. One of the benefits of placing a container on a foundation is that it helps with air circulation under the container, which in turn reduces the acceleration of moisture. If the container kept is in a humid area or a high-intensity rainfall zone, you might want to opt for railroad ties. Bricks, concrete slabs, stones are other options commonly used as foundation options.

Odours/Smells in the Interior

There is no way of knowing what was inside of a recycled shipping container. If your shipping container has an odour or smells, you can eradicate it. One recommendation is that you take a big jug of cheap coffee and scatter the coffee on the floor of the container. Once you have done that, close the doors for two days. The coffee will remove the odour and leaves the interior smelling faintly of coffee.

Improve Security

Shipping containers are equipped with lock boxes and other high locking paraphernalia. Recycled shipping containers do not have the lock box, however, we are able to add this at your request. They are also easily obtainable from hardware shops as well online stores.

Best Priced Shipping Container available

Bear in mind that the cheapest shipping container available might not be the best option. If you do decide to opt for a cheap container, be sure to do a thorough check of the condition of the interior of the container. Examine the container for any holes or openings; that can result in leakage problems or mouldy flooring with termite infestations. New shipping containers come with customary options and features. Recycled containers vary in price and condition.

If you are considering purchasing a shipping container to use as a storage solution, feel free to contact any of our friendly staff at SEA Containers.

CRC Speedshow 2015 - Shipping Container Acoustics Barrier

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In July this year, SEA Containers NZ was asked to help support the team at the CRC Speedshow held at ASB Showgrounds.

Our containers were not only used for container storage for the teams, but also as a container site office for the track organisers.  Furthermore, we supplied 40' shipping containers to be used as container acoustic barriers halting the noise created by the fastest, finest and coolest new and classic motorcycles and cars from around the world and New Zealand.

Check out the fantastic cars at 

The SEA Containers team ( will see you there next year.

Bikes in Schools Program - Shipping Container Storage

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SEA Containers NZ was approached by the teachers at Tamaki Primary to help protect the new bikes they were acquiring as part of the Bikes in Schools program ( 

The team at SEA Containers had to consider a number of factors ensuring this container met a number of requirements

  1. Security was paramount - lockable roller doors and the shipping container doors were welded together to minimise entry into the container
  2. 100% wind and water tight shipping container was required to protect the bikes whilst stored
  3. The kids needed to be able to easily access the bikes, so roller doors provided the perfect solution
  4. To protect the bikes from damage whilst being stored, bike racks were installed inside the shipping container to prevent the bikes from falling over
  5. Shelving and hooks on the walls were installed to keep the inside of the container as clear as possible so the kids aren't tripping over hazards
  6. Container was to be painted to suit the school colours, so it blended in with the surroundings

SEA Containers NZ are proud to have supplied this shipping container to help the kids of Tamaki Primary enjoy their new bike track and to learn bike safety. 

Engineering workshop shipping container

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Sea Containers NZ was tasked to design, build and commission an engineering workshop inside a 40’ shipping container to support a super yacht travelling the high seas. The container was designed to work off the grid, and included luxuries such as refrigeration; mammoth amounts of dry storage for sails, tools, ropes and various arrays of sailing equipment; twin-voltage to work in any country, and most importantly for the crew – a separate bar fridge, WIFI capable and air-conditioning.

One challenge was to design and engineer a gantry inside the container that was able to slide out 2.5 metres to collect the tender boat and store the tender whilst being shipped around the world. The gantry itself was engineered to lift 1 tonne of dead weight.

It is needless to say, the team in the SEA Containers workshop are proud of what was achieved. A lot of research and development went into this container, and the quality of the finish has only boosted our confidence in meeting the requirements of any client no matter the complexity of the design.   

The comments from the yachts chief engineer was particularly welcomed:

"From initial contact right through to design, construction (and change of orders!), and delivery of our container, SEA Containers NZ did an excellent job of supplying us with an amazing product, finished to an extremely high standard and most importantly on time and on budget! We are extremely happy with the service we received and the level of quality in their product, I would use them again for future projects without hesitation." - Daz Neale, Chief Engineer

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