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Shipping Container Hotels – A New Phenomenon

Monday, May 02, 2016

It comes as no surprise that architects, designers, and business owners are becoming more innovative. It is no secret that surplus shipping containers stacked up in ports and wharfs around the world present all kinds of opportunities. Repurposed containers used to create homes, museums, pop-up malls, workshops and so forth, are increasingly popular. Can you imagine a hotel made from recycled shipping containers? Container hotels are becoming part of the landscape in more and more countries. Here are a few examples.

Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House Hotel

The five-star hotel is built and designed entirely out of shipping containers. While the exterior is not aesthetically pleasing, the interior is lavishly decorated. The compact but snug guest rooms are spread out over the hillside of Changski, China. The rooms have classic Chinese décor, high-quality furniture, skylights and other accessories. The pop-up hotel took only three months to design and build.

Chile’s First Eco-Hotel

Newshub reports that a New Zealand winemaker is about to open the first shipping container hotel in Chile. He not only grabbed hold of the opportunity to use the surplus containers but is transforming them into an environmentally-friendly hotel. The Wine Box will offer contemporary accommodation and feature local Chilean wine. Hotel owner, Mr. Phelps, as quoted by Newshub, says that the container hotel is suitable for an area susceptible to earthquakes. “If you think, containers are seven(feet) high in a ship, so the guy at the bottom (container) has to take 180 tonnes on top of it. So they’re designed to take a tremendous amount of load and heavy and serious conditions in the high seas – a big storm. So in an earthquake, they are going to handle it perfectly.”

Portable Snoozebox Hotel

The Snoozebox is such a brilliant concept, as it provides temporary accommodation and is transportable. Specifically developed for sporting events and music festivals when there is a demand to accommodate guests. Snoozebox has popped up all over Europe, providing guests with pleasant rooms at a moments notice. The container hotel is stackable, therefore, easily transportable and configured to your specifications. Each room fitted with storage, wifi, flat screen televisions, air conditioning, and adjustable to suit your needs. The whole complex can be fully functional and set up within 48 hours.

Travelodge Hotel

The Travelodge Hotel in Uxbridge, England is constructed entirely of shipping containers of varying sizes. The 86 containers were retro-fitted and secured onsite. The company responsible for the design and execution of the project estimates that the hotel chained saved approximately one million dollars and ten weeks of construction time. The construction company maintains that opting for a modular construction; it speeds up the building process by about 40 – 60 percent as opposed to traditional building practice. It also does not require intensive and specialised labour. There are no complicated procedures, therefore, makes it more cost efficient.

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